The #1 Life Changing Habit.

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We as humans are slaves to our own habits. They are almost unconscious activities we do on a daily basis in order to produce automatic behaviour. Some of them are good while others can be very bad for us. What… Continue Reading →

Enter FLOW

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Remember that time you were so absorbed by an activity that everything else seemed to fade away into a seemingly endless void? Your focus was sharp and there was nothing else on your mind. When in this mode, it feels… Continue Reading →

5 Ways To Turn On Our Inner Superhuman Switch

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Our Inner Superhuman switch. In the world of fiction there is the possibility of creating characters according to the author’s liking. Heroes, villains, champions, warriors, protagonists in comic books all have superhuman abilities that make them who they are.

What I Learned At Sniper School

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This is a story about my time at a sniper school during my civil service the purpose of which was to make sharpshooters out of us. It lasted for 3 weeks in total consisting of both good and bad moments(mostly… Continue Reading →

Become More Creative.

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We’re incredibly lucky. We live in an environment where man has managed to overcome the turmoil of having to be constantly fighting to satisfy our primary physiological needs, such as food and shelter. This situation has opened the gate towards… Continue Reading →

Become the HERO of your own story.

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Life is like a book. There’s the beginning, numerous chapters, events, characters and the end. Whether or not its science-fiction, an adventure, or a novel depends on the author, who is us. At the same time we’re the protagonist as… Continue Reading →

Book Launch. The Self Empowered Superhuman Diet.

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I’ve already published my book called The Self Empowered Superhuman Diet. In celebration of the launch I’ve put it on a FREE promotion. The promotion lasts from 29th of March until 1st of April so get it fast!

My Self-Empowered SuperHuman Diet.

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This is the second part to my previous post which talked about nutritional ketosis – what it is, how to achieve it, what are the benefits, why should we try it and what is my personal experience with it. It… Continue Reading →

Cold Thermogenesis – Lighting Up The Inner Fire and Becoming More Present.

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Cold… that feeling we get when in freezing environments that make us shiver. It’s incredibly uncomfortable and we will always prefer sitting in front of a cozy fireplace with our feet in the warm rather than exposing ourself to cold… Continue Reading →

Creative Visualization

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We all have dreamt about something that we, at that moment, didn’t have. Whether during sleep or simply letting our mind adrift, we’ve been in the situation where our thoughts have created another reality inside our head using our creative… Continue Reading →

How To Take Control Of Our Thoughts And Emotions

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We all have problably been in a situation where our emotions have gotten the best of us. In retrospect we problably said things we didn’t really mean and were problably caused by an impulse of some sort. This however we are able to control.

Train Willpower and Get an Iron Will

Willpower is the mental resource of our mind. It’s also our cognitive currency and strength. This post will cover all we would ever want and need to know about it.

The Art Of Overcoming Negative Events Before They Happen.

Negative events are as much a part of life as are positive ones. Inevitably they will happen wether we like it or not – we’re going to miss busses, almost get hit by cars, get hurt, get rejected, experience pain,… Continue Reading →

Turn A Negative Experience Into A Positive One.

Because of the nature of the world we live in we’re inevitably going to have negative experience. In one of my post we’ve already come to terms with the fact that they’re going to happen whether we like it or… Continue Reading →

Discipline is Freedom and a Manifestation of Your Consciousness

Discipline is freedom We all yearn for freedom. It is something that allows us to make our own decisions, not be restricted to certain limitations, be able to express ourselves completely, have the opportunity to choose and be in total… Continue Reading →

What is Optimal Nutrition?

There are a lot of opinions about what’s healthy and not when it comes to optimal nutrition. The vast amount of diets, guidelines, recommendations, 5 a days are almost like doctrines trying to push through their own agendas.

The Daily Minimum Effort.

We all have the same 24 hours yet we all use it differently. There are some things we all want to accomplish in a given day but how much and often depends on the individual. This is what I call… Continue Reading →

Sleep Like a Baby

To become a self-empowered being we need to be constantly challenging ourself, in order to grow. While facing adversity and overcoming it we’re receiving stimulus that creates the proper environment for augmentation. The other half of the equation is recovery,… Continue Reading →

Creating Intrinsic Motivation

When we’re trying to achieve anything then the least reliable thing we could hope for is motivation. It’s based on our desire to act and how we feel. If there is none, then we will not want to do anything…. Continue Reading →

The Power of Perception (It can create your reality)

The power of perception. We might think that we are only subject to the circumstances we are in. Is it possible to create our own reality? What does it even mean? It’s basically the way we experience the world around us…. Continue Reading →

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