Why You Should Learn About Nutrition

Siim Land

The most important knowledge you should have is knowing how your body works. What are the fundamentals of metabolism, physiology, food and exercise. Why? Because your entire existence depends on it. Yes, if you spend even just a little bit of time thinking about it, then it’s indeed that serious, but there are even more reasons for it. This article is about why you should learn about nutrition.

Why You Should Learn About Nutrition

If you’ve never delved into this topic before, then you might think what’s the hassle about? Isn’t it just food? Something that you buy from the store, heat up in the microwave and then eat. For the untrained eye it might seem just that, but that’s because they haven’t learnt anything about nutrition and have been randomly winging it ever since child hood.

Do you really know what you’re putting into your mouth? “It’s just food…” No, it’s not just food. It’s also a source of information that will begin to send out corresponding messages throughout the body once digested.

For most people, food is a false-abstraction that for them signifies a meal that stops hunger and tastes good. In reality, it’s simply the fuel needed by any living organism to maintain their functioning – a vessel for calories.

Adequate nutrition is the fundamental aspect of existence. Without having access to calories, you wouldn’t be able to produce energy – to exercise, to walk around, think happy thoughts, not even to breathe.

The Effects of Nutrition

Food is the greatest drug there is, because it directly triggers certain physiological processes within the body. It’s your most important fuel source, which not only influences the amount of energy you have but also determines the state of your health, mindset and overall well-being.

A few examples of how nutrition affects you

  • Your energy levels – poor nutrition will prevent you from propelling up enough power to take flight. It makes you feel tired, lack enthusiasm and have no desire to do awesome stuff.
  • Your health – your most valuable asset. The condition of your body is directly connected with what you eat. Digesting food unleashes a domino effect of chemical reactions that trigger certain metabolic processes. Your body composition, whether you have any disease or not and how long you’re going to live depend on your habitual nutritional strategy.
  • Your mood – the way you feel at any given moment is influenced by the state of your gut. Inside your stomach there are millions of bacteria that send out corresponding messages to the rest of the body.

It’s the gut-brain axis. In fact, the former has a much greater effect on the latter than the other way around. Your gut is the first point of contact you have with the world, not the skin, because food gets broken down into nutrients that then get released into the blood stream. In fact, depression is actually an allergic reaction to inflammation in the body. What you eat can either make you feel good, satisfied and pleasant, or anxious, irritable and someone you don’t want to be hanging around.

  • Your physical performance – how much work you can do with your body. On the macro-level, food is just calories – calories that give us energy and trigger certain metabolic and hormonal processes. But on the micro-level they’re also full of nutrients and minerals that are more correlated with the body’s structural integrity, such as bone density, nerve functioning and muscle mass.
  • Your brain – everything concerning your cognition, mental performance, intelligence and thinking patterns. The state of our gut has a profound impact on our thoughts and intellectual powers. Brain fog, forgetful memories and not being able to think straight are scary consequences of inflammation, which is caused mostly by nutrition. If something’s wrong with your food, then the first and foremost priority of the organism is to fix that, because calories are essential for life.

If these reasons don’t answer the question why should you learn about nutrition, then I don’t know what will. The thing is that most people have forgot how food affects them. They’ve gotten used to eating random stuff and think that their brain fog is just a sign of aging, even at their 20s. What’s really going on is that they’ve fell into a sandpit of low energy and are stuck there. They’re in a cave and mistake the shadows on the wall with real sunlight.

The Secret Superpower

But there’s also another reason why you should learn about nutrition. Knowing how your body’s physiology works and how it reacts to certain processes is like a superpower. It grants you access to the most detrimental information to your existence and then allows you to use it for your own bidding.

The reason why people can’t seem to lose weight, feel tired 24/7, suffer brain fog and are sick all the time is that they’re simply violating some of the laws of their body’s inner chemistry. It has nothing to do with their genes, condition or some other objective false misjudgement. They’re subjectively diseased and lethargic because of being exposed to the wrong environment – nutrition.

Being able to to tell what effect certain foods have on us is a skill we should all have. It will allow us to make our own interpretations and adjust our intake according to our specific needs because what’s good to eat for one man is poison to another. You’ll never be baffled by your condition or don’t know how to improve it because you already have the essential knowledge.

The fundamentals of nutrition should be taught to kids at school because it would lay the foundation to abundant health for the rest of their life. Why isn’t it so? Because junk food is dirt cheap and the state would be ashamed to admit what they’re actually feeding to their children.

 Start Learning About Nutrition

This article was just about the reasons why you should learn about nutrition. A completely different topic is what you should know. It’s too deep of a wormhole for us to delve into right away.

Check out part two to this, in which I talk about what you should know about nutrition.

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