Why Self-Empowerment = Transcendence Of Mankind

Siim Land

In my previous post I talked about how I intend to leave this world better than I entered. On my deathbed I want to look back at my life and know that I helped towards the growth of not only myself but others aswell.

Not An Egotistic Desire.

By doing so I have contributed to the development of the human consciousness and mankind in general. It is not a quest to receive some sort of ribbons or recognition quite the contrary.

The purpose is to pay my part to the pool of wisdom into where our ancestors and great men before us had already put so much into. In a way it is a way to compensate for the debt that we all have to them. What is more is that it will hopefully serve the future generations aswell.

A Story About A Cat.

I have a cat. He is quite lazy yet adorable. His day consists of the following: wake up, eat excessively, go back to sleep on a pillow somewhere, wash itself, disturb me while I am writing this, beg me to let him outside, I do not know what he does there but problably some cat-business.

Then after a while begs me to let him inside again by scrapeing on the window, eat even more than previously, now he is so full that he just lies on his back and passes out for the evening.


In a neverending cycle he is only being there. Because he is so slothful and domesticated he cannot even catch mice – he just sleeps and eats.

I do not hold it against him because that’s what pets do – his presence is what brings us joy and that is enough. However there is something in his behaviour that I want to stress upon.

Aside from the delight that our family receives from watching and playing with him he does not contribute to nothing else.

Actually I think that he deliberately does not do to us aswell because as far as he is concernced we are but mere minions. The animal kingdom has its own rules and legislations far beyond our understanding but my cat serves as a perfect example of what we should avoid.

Aside from licking ourselves constantly we should not just exist. If we are only consuming and taking without giving back we are neglecting our responsibility of returning some of the favour.

Not A Cat But A Human.

If you see this and do not want to be like my cat but instead wish to contribute to the grand scheme of things then you need to read on.

Ordinary people like us seemingly do not have much influence to complete the task at hand. This is where we moreoften than not have to say that we are wrong.

Us as individuals have extraordinary power hidden within us. It is not some sort of a old wives’ tale or broscience – we do.

It is not wizardry but it is magical.

Despite not being politicians or statesmen we still have sovereignity over the most important thing – ourselves. We have the ability to change ourselves. If we want to change the world we need to start with ourselves. The following quote illustrates my point perfectly.

“You will never have a greater or lesser dominion than that over yourself…the height of a man’s success is gauged by his self-mastery; the depth of his failure by his self-abandonment. …And this law is the expression of eternal justice. He who cannot establish dominion over himself will have no dominion over others.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Where To Start.

What should I do then if I want to master myself? The answer is simple and lies within the core of this blog which is self-empowerment.

By developing ourselves we are doing so to mankind in general. If one person making up a small percentage is getting better then inevitable does humanity as a whole aswell – it’s science.

What To Avoid.

Fortunately it does not end here – one can be very good at something in complete solitude but not contribute to the grand scheme of things.

The point where the individual wisdom gets applied to a greater cause is when they use it to help others – assist them in their own journey. It is a neverending feedback loop of exchange and correspondence.

Only by acknowledging that can we transcend as a species. One enlightened man in a cave is not enough – we need to share so that all could benefit from it.


Some words of inspiration by Leonardo da Vinci.


Now some concluding thoughts. Hopefully the following realisation has been made – inorder to progress as a species mankind needs to begin with the development of its indiviual entities. It has been the case in the past and always will be the in the future. The path we ought to follow is self-empowerment. Only then will growth be possible.


Next post – “How I Approach Self-Empowerment.”

9 Comments on “Why Self-Empowerment = Transcendence Of Mankind

  1. Great article, your words always seem to mirror my progression. I started by working on myself in isolation and through time grew into an understanding of how I can now help others. You are right it isn’t for accolade or recognition, but because it feels right and is the inevitable progression of awakening mankind. Keep writing great articles – appreciate you

    1. Thanks! Yes, to change the world we have to start with ourselves. Glad you liked it. What are you doing to transcend mankind?

      1. I have a global vision of mankind taken a quantum leap in the evolution of thought, when there are enough of us who have reached a high level of control of our minds then there will be a tipping point and I believe there will be a paradigm shift to using our powers for creation and the self empowerment of everyone. My goals are towards this end, it is good to know there are others on the same journey.

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