Who Is Siim Land – My Story and What I’m About

Siim Land

 Maybe you’ve been watching my YouTube channel for a while, or maybe it’s your first time here. And maybe you want to know who I am? I haven’t really talked about me or my story. So, who is Siim Land and what’s he really about?

I Should’ve Done This Sooner

If I were to sum all this up in a few short sentences, then –

I’m a writer, a blogger, a YouTuber and a small entrepreneur who creates content around topics that involve optimizing our physiology, mindset, and performance – a lot of biohacking, self-improvement and other lifehack types of stuff.

I call it Body Mind Empowerment and my purpose with it is to educate and empower high performing individuals to feel and function at their best. So, I do some coaching as well.

But What About My Backstory

Okay, so, I’m quite young in my early 20s and I’ve been an intrinsically motivated learner ever since childhood.

  • I got into personal development and self-actualization around the time of high school.
  • After I graduated, I went to the military for 8 months and went through several revelations, if you will.

As a kid, I was constantly puzzled by what we humans do – I mean, we built this amazing civilization, we’re the most advanced species on the planet and we’re very creative, but at the same time, we’re kinda fcking things up, don’t you agree?

So, I knew that I had to keep improving myself as an individual first before I could leave my mark on the world as well. My legacy – I was always inspired by historical figures like Socrates, Alexander the Great and Leonardo da Vinci.

My Revelations

And after the military, I realized that I had to take full responsibility for everything in my life – my habits, my thoughts, my finance, my development and the direction I was heading towards.

I studied anthropology at college and got my Bachelor’s degree. It’s that kind of topic I knew that was the right thing for me. Even before I knew what anthropology was, I knew it’s something that interested me.


My purpose or my legacy is not to be an anthropologist.

I Discovered My Purpose

I started my blog in September 2015 and wrote some articles. Then, after a few months, I wrote my first book – it was quite random and unexpected. I didn’t plan for it to happen – it just happened and it went quite well.

It’s called Becoming a Self-Empowered Being. I wrote it in 30 days, 300 pages, and it’s almost like a collection of my life’s philosophy or the one I’ve used up until that point. You can get it on Amazon but I’m planning to update it and bring in even better content.

The idea of Becoming a Self-Empowered Being is just what it sounds like – achieving mastery over your body and mind and following your purpose in life. It’s basically what I’ve been teaching in my videos as well – self-awareness and high performance.

There are many quotes about this

  • Like Leonardo da Vinci’s: “One can have no smaller or greater mastery than mastery of oneself.”
  • Or Lao Tzu’s:  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

Everything I do is supposed to help me to become the greatest version of myself and to inspire others to do the same thing. That’s why I’m always trying to test new things and to optimize them.

Who Is Siim Land – But Who Are You

To change the world you have to first change yourself – that’s another famous quote.

And you better understand it, because I don’t care how nihilistic or selfish you are – we’re all in this together and to make our lives better we have to work together and lead by example.

I’m striving to live an empowering life myself and I’m sure you can find enough inspiration to join me on this journey. It’s going to be awesome because I’m not only going to give you some motivating talks but also share with you some real practical knowledge you can apply to your life right away – today.

So, join my Facebook group, hit me up on social media or by email and subscribe as well.

Let’s change the world by becoming self-empowered beings!

Stay Empwoered

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