What Is Wrong With Our Modern Society

Siim Land

It is the age of innovation and technological advancement. Never before has man made so much progress in the development of the civilization. This rapid growth has not stopped and is increasing daily all thanks to scientific pursuits. Our species is at the doorstep of its transcensendence. But are we really?

First of all there is no intention to vilify or bash electronics and science quite the contrary. These are things that will most surely be the cause of our future advancement.

It is also not about how we ought not to become too dependant on them in fear of a hostile takeover by terminators and robotics. Infact this isn’t about our laptops or smartphones at all.

It is about the mindset we as a society have created and incorporated into our lives.


This advantageous state of abundance and technological nurture has been bestowed upon us only quite recently.

It was not long ago when people still had to fight for their food daily, work all summer to survive the winter, get the water from the well or a river, walk around constantly, push wagons, logs and all things imaginable. There are a lot of people living like this even today eventhough it is a disapearing phenomenon.

However that is not the fundamental shift we have taken in the 21st century. The implementation of technological functioning and decrease in physical labor is not the root cause of it.

What we are doing in a nutshell is getting too comfortable. Dwell on that thought for a bit longer. When was the last time any of us went through anything troublesome and difficult challenging both the body aswell as the mind. If the answer was a month or even a few weeks ago then you are the victim of this state.

There is nothing wrong with being comfortable – it is what our instinctual yearning towards pleasure and away from pain dictates.

The problem is that in our habitual life there is no polarizing opposite called discomfort. When it gets too cold we have the possibility to turn on the heating. When we get hungry we can get some food from the fridge or the supermarket. I imagine some people even have some in their bedroom. When we need to calculate something we turn to computers.

There is nothing in our environment that is stopping us from satisfying this primal predisposition.

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This imbalance between the two states can have a huge impact on us as a species. Imagine a scenario where in the future our offspring have never had to experience the feeling of hunger, cold, pain, sweat or even strenuos thinking.

To all of our problem a solution has been found. Both mental and physical adversity will have dissapeared from our lives. If that were to happen we would lose our intelligence, cognitive functioning, ingenuity, adaptability, resourcefulness and become big sloths.

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We are were we are today because of these characteristics that have been cultivated through eons of turmoil, discomfort and resistance – all that can be easily avoided in contemporary society.

This is a trap that can be the pitfall of our existence. We are becoming too dependant on the nurture of external factors while losing our own abilities.

Moreover we are also robbing ourselves from the full range of human emotions and expressions by being exposed to only the pleasant end of the spectrum.

The human experience can actually be greatly enhanced by feeling both comfort and its antagonist. When was the last time you were really uncomfortable?

4 Comments on “What Is Wrong With Our Modern Society

  1. Siim,
    The reality of the world is that it is going in a direction where all of the comforts we now take for granted will be moderated and distributed first to those “entitled” and then to those underlings willing to sacrifice self worth and community solidarity for what is rightfully the public’s.
    Personally, I am working toward building a tiny house, with complete self sufficiency for water, food, heat, energy, etc- so if and when the grid fails (as rumors go around) the public as a whole- I am largely unaffected. Plus, living with as less clutter and debt as possible is important… as the rumor seems to be that the economy will crash.
    Keep posting your journey. Good reads.

    1. Thanks! Yes, self-sufficiency and resourcefulness is the greatest guarantee for surviving any change. I’m planning to do something like you with my own home castle as well.

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