Our Thoughts and Actions – What Truly Belongs To Ourselves.

Siim Land

In this world there are only two things that truly belong to ourselves. They are our thoughts and actions.

These two things contributing to the physical and mental plane of existence respectfully are what make up our BEING. They also contribute to the manifestation of our soul. They are the representations of who we are and what we do on a habitual basis.

Our body is the vessel we use to tread the world with and the mind the captain of this voyage. We only own the thoughts we have inside our head and the actions we carry out. Everything else is but matter that can be taken away from us at a moment’s notice. Even they are quite fragile and we mustn’t take them for granted.

Having control over our thoughts and actions is important for becoming self-empowered. This is foundational for achieving holistic self-mastery, as the body and mind are in an interdependent relation ship with each other. Our thoughts have the power to perceive our reality and our actions to create it.

Our thoughts and actions make up the whole of who we are as individuals. If we do big things then we are a great person. By having no sovereignty over our thoughts and actions then we will not be able to do so with anything else in our life as well. It’s the correlation between doing and being.

Self-mastery is one of the best things to be wanting out of life. By rising above our subconscious thoughts and influencing our actions according to our liking we become more conscious as a person. It makes us more mindful of our inner currents of energy and how to use them appropriately. Such abilities allow us to shape the reality in which we live by choosing to perceive it and thus re-create it according to our liking. Becoming a self-empowered being is a path towards enlightenment of the soul and attaining unity between the body and mind.

More importantly, our thoughts and actions are the two things that truly belong to ourselves because of how they contribute to the interaction we have with our surroundings. What we convey to the world is a direct manifestation of our being. It is what other people associate us with. Our activities are projections of our soul and who we are which are transitioned into reality via our thoughts and actions.

We can think and act however we would like to but we need to remain congruent with the higher vibrations if we want to become truly self-empowered. By manifesting the negative and shadowy aspects of our being we’re only re-creating the faulty patterns of reasoning and behaviour which not only have the possibility to make a person one’s own prisoner but has haunted mankind for too long. Because our thoughts and actions belong to ourselves and no one else we can deliberately change them and should always gravitate towards what is virtuous and positively aligned.

Mastery over our thoughts and actions.


Taking control of our thoughts entails us recognizing ourselves in the midst of chaos, becoming utterly present to the moment, intervening the feedback loop of our subconscious mind, altering its patterns, instigating deliberate change and empowering this new feeling and way of thinking. (Read more about this).

Our thoughts are our inner contemplations, the way we converse with ourself and what do we ponder about. (Read how to do it right). What our mind focuses on most grows, thus it’s important to know what we are feeding it. More importantly, they give us back appropriate signals. If we’re miserable in our head then we will inevitably be so in our behaviour. By affirming our greatness we will become so.

Taking control of our actions means that we can put our thoughts into motion and manifest them in the real world. It’s about doing what we’re supposed to and want to do, whether we feel like it or not and despite the circumstances we’re in. (How to do things without motivation). It requires discipline and mental toughness for our dreams to become true because everything would stay still without a driving force behind it.

Additionally, our actions are of utmost value for us as a person. We can say to accomplish whatever we want to, but without actually doing it we’re simply full of empty words. It is during this deliberate motion and action where we define who we are and manifest our greatness. Excellence is not something bestowed upon us but has to be earned by living accordingly.

ralph waldo emerson thoughts and actions

The two things that truly belong to ourselves are our thoughts and actions. They are the currency and resource of self-mastery. Reigning supreme over them is a must and necessary for becoming a self-empowered being who is capable of shaping their own reality. It’s not about obsessive and constraining control, but instead a way to rise above oneself and thus become more conscious as a person. It’s a way towards enlightenment and having a more meaningful life of freedom.

Check out the video I made about this as well.

This is also a part of one of my chapters in my book called Becoming a Self-Empowered Being: Achieving Body-Mind-Mastery and Living One’s Calling. This is one of the key components to the principles that govern the philosophy behind it. Read more about it as it will change your life for the better. Afterwards you never want to go back.


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  1. Wow…loved this post. I truly believe in mastering our thoughts and actions. We have the power, and the will. I know this because [personally] I have a lot of will power to do what I want to do. So, why not become master at what makes my life worthy of living?

    From experience, I know that life is so much sweeter when you become self-aware. It’s not like we don’t hear ourselves thinking, because we do. I like knowing that I have made friends with all parts of myself. We communicate, and we like each other. If one gets a little glum, haughty, naughty, or just sour to the core, I make an executive decision that the rest of my parts agree with.

    Those that do not have to go straight to the time out chair.

    I believe I am blessed with the power to choose. My actions are my choices, my decisions. So there isn’t a blame game ping ponging around in my head. If I act, I also own.

    Thanks for sharing. I like the way you express your thoughts. It’s also clear that you are putting your purpose in life and your actions together to create a valuable, worthwhile blog.


    1. Thank you so much! We all have the power to choose and our making numerous decisions all of the time when it comes to our thoughts and actions.

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