The Secret to Self-Discipline – Extreme Ownership

Siim Land

What is the secret to self-discipline, mastering your habits, getting more results, becoming the person you want to be and ultimately living the life you desire? It’s Extreme Ownership.

How Taking Full Responsibility Has Changed My Life

Taking extreme ownership over everything in your life puts full responsibility on YOU. Not your parents, not your genes, not your spouse, not your boss, not the government, not your neighbor’s cat – on YOU.

I remember being at the train station of Edinburgh, purchasing a train ticket to the airport with my last bit of money – there were barely enough nickels. My year as an exchange student had just been finished and I was heading back home.

I had just started my blog as well. But I didn’t want to take another job for the summer, like waiting tables or something else students do.

I followed one of the craziest military tactics in history and I burned my own boats. When Ancient Greeks invaded an island or a coastal region, they set fire to their boats before they went to the assault. What they did was make success and victory the only possible solution. If they knew they didn’t have anywhere to retreat, they would start to fight even harder because their entire lives literally depended on it.

Hernan Cortez used the same strategy when he invaded the Aztec empire with a few hundred men and went against millions of Indians.

I Burned My Boats and Took Extreme Ownership

I burned my boats in Edinburgh and went home. Despite being broke, I put in massive hustle the entire summer. Every day, I would spend 8–10 hours of creating content, writing articles and e-books. By the end of it, I had written 4 books, some of which were on the bestseller list on Amazon, and became financially independent.

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, taking the easy route or quitting my blog, I took extreme ownership over my profession and turned pro.

This is the central core message of Jocko Willink’s and Leif Babin’s book Extreme Ownership. It’s about owning everything you are and have.

Here’s How Jocko Explained Extreme Ownership

  • While Jocko was employed as a SEAL commander, his boss would assess the problems of other SEAL leaders.
  • He’d ask one of the leaders, ‘What do you need?’ And the leader would say, ‘Well, the boots that we have are okay in the hot weather, but we’re getting ready to be in a cooler environment. We need new boots.’ — ‘Okay, got it.’
  • Then he’d ask others the same question, receiving similar answers.
  • Then, the Commodore would say: ‘Jocko, what do you need?’ He would reply, ‘We’re good, sir.’ — ‘If I have problems, I’m going to take care of them and I’m not going to complain.’

Extreme Ownership helps you to detach yourself from yourself

  • You come to terms with what you want to accomplish and commit to finishing it.
  • Whenever you hit an emotional barrier, it’s a conflict between your desires and will.
  • Keeping ownership in mind allows you to remember your priorities and act in spite of how you feel because you know it’s the right thing to do.

You’d think that discipline is restricting and confining but it actually gives you more freedom. More freedom in your overall life as well as in action.

This small little mindset shift can change your world. Instead of living in a safe world where everything is taken care of for you, you realize that none of your fortune is guaranteed and that in nature you’d have to be the one making shit happen. You have to take full responsibility for everything you do, think and accomplish.

There’s No Secret to Self-Discipline

Let’s be honest, our modern world is already far too comfortable. People have this mindset for immediate gratification and they’re too soft. I mean, you’re pretty much safe in most parts of the world and you’re not going to die if you go through some discomfort. Even burning your boats won’t kill you because you’ll still get some support or assistance.

So, take extreme ownership and make things happen – you really don’t have anything to lose. And if you don’t take action, then you’re wasting out and you’re afraid of getting uncomfortable.

And that’s why you DO have to take cold showers, face your fears and get out of your comfort zone daily.

Stick around this blog and you’ll not only empower your body and mind but will become a self-empowered being who’s living to your potential and following your purpose.

Stay Empowered


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  1. I have known discomfort for a time, and like you knowing it, learning from it, and pushing on regardless have been my greatest success. My can do attitude, which by the way, included only a few cold showers, has given me freedom [my #1 value], and the ability to choose my next steps. Now, I can give back; which is my greatest joy!

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