The Foundation of Self-Empowerment

Siim Land

Having talked about the concept of self-empowerment more than once you as a reader might begin to wonder what it actually is. It is true that I have not given a clear definition of it myself and how it is applied to the context of my thoughts and actions.

For this I apologise and wish to immediately correct it. What you can expect from this post is something that will hopefully change your life for the better.

It is not meant to be motivational but more of a means to rethink your frame of reference. Without further ado let’s get to it.

When you disect the term into two parts you can see that the former relates to us as an entity and the latter to authorization. By combining them we get an act of giving permission to oneself.

But to do what? To breathe, to walk, to have a life? To an extent but they do not make up the core of it.

We are not entitled to anything eventhough we might think otherwise. Everything we want out of life we need to earn.

Nothing will and shouldn’t be handed to us on a silver plate it is up to us to go and get it.

That is the main principle – it is the notion of acknowledging that need and acting. Essentially it is allowing oneself to be great – taking charge of ones existence, rise above adversity and to transcend.

The foundation has been laid – grab the bull by the horns. It does not end here for there is a certain caviare to it.

Another way of understanding it is to look at it as the ultimate tool of self-mastery which it basically is. Once you give yourself the permission to be great you have the possibility of becoming one.

Moreoften than not we do not realise that the biggest impediments we have in front of us are laid there by ourselves. When we are in control we can overcome them.

The Core

Self-mastery is also divided into two parts. It implies to having command on our own thoughts and actions.

These are also the things we have most control over in this life so treasure and cultivate them with care. The former is the representation of the mind and the latter the body.

Without getting into a deeper debate about the division or the connection between the two I will only say that realising this functioning is currently beyond the scope of our understanding and has and will continue to trouble philosophers. I personally think that there is some separation that is happening but only on the mental and physical plane which are in deep correspondence and thus can be identifyied as one.


The Mental Plane

The mind refers to mental mastery as in the quality of our thoughts and wisdom.

Everything concerning consciousness, spirituality and cerebral can be umbrellad here.

Expertise in intelligence, cognition, character, knowledge needs to be cultivated to be able to control our inner reflections. They will allow us to gain skills of being in command.

Being resourceful, adaptive, self-suficcient are just a few that will allow us to manage no matter what life throws at us. Instead of becoming impulsively responsive to outside events we have the power to decide how to react to them and then act according to our will.


The Physical Plane

Action exists on the plane of our body. Though it can be concidered as belonging to the mind it cannot be ignored that our physique has conviction of its own.

There are certain processes within us that thought has no command over. That is proof that the correspondence between the two is far more complex.

But what we can control is the functioning of these mechanisms. To have a well-oiled machine we need to constantly take care of it. Being healthy and active is important for having an operated mind aswell. It is the foundation of a good and happy life.


The Necessary Ingredient

In the case of self-empowerment however it needs to be taken to another level. Being just enough is not enough.

Anything but excellence is unacceptable. That applies to both the physical and mental plane.

By being a master of both we are not only good – we are great. We are high performing and functioning human beings – that is what nature intended us to be.

It is not only about self-development but rising above that. We become what we empower us to be and only the sky is the limit if that. We are in control of the most important thing in this life – ourselves and are doing an excellent job.

Dependency is a thing of the past as there is a lot of confidence in reliance of ourselves. We are sustainable, productive, resillent, tough, functional and countless things more. We know that in the case of an apocalypse we will survive because of these skills and who we are.

However understanding this won’t suffice as I said this is not meant to be motivational. Nothing happens in this life in of itself. Even the greatest of thoughts cannot be made into reality without decisive action behind pushing it further.

Our life is like an artowork and we are the artists. The masterpiece is never complete and there is always something to work on.

A sculpture will not be shaped simply by looking at it unless you have laser eyes which would be the ultimate representation of mental mastery but I digress.

Allowing oneself to be great is not enough if we won’t become one. We all have this authorization yet only a few use it. Self-empowerment requieres an additional force that will make the wheel move.


I hope that the foundation for the topic of self-empowerment has been laid and made understandable to the reader.

It is a concept of mastery over ourselves. The physical and mental plane both are in need of cultivation for it to be achieved.

However because of its complex nature this destination is almost never reached for there will always be something to work on. That is not the point.

Instead it is power to letting ourselves be great and thriving by doing so. DOING it is where the key to all of this lies. Thought and action are in correspondence with eachother and only one is not enough.

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