How the First Moments of the Day Influence How You Feel

Siim Land

In the midst of slumber and sleep deprived eyes, we often fail to realize how important the first moments of the day really are. They have huge consequences on the rest of the day. This article reveals some insight into why this is so.

What Story Are You Telling Yourself?

The clock hits 7 AM and the alarm goes off, unleashing a deafening soundwave that pierces into the deepest of dreams (you playing Skyrim somewhere) and pulls you out. #DI-DI-DI-DI-DI Shivers…

What follows is feeling like you’ve been held captive for days in your basement with no food or water. Your eyes are blood shot, you’re suffocating and in pain. Automatically, you hit the snooze without even thinking about it or actually waking up.

Then it hits you, you’re completely exhausted and pissed off. You let out a long and grumpy sound that resembles a beached whale. Just complete distress and misery.

What’s more, you say to yourself: “I’m soooo tired. This is bullshit.” Or: “Someone better punch me in the face because I’m not going anywhere.”

Even if you do in some mystical way manage to get out of bed, you still look and behave like being hit with a club. You grab a cup of coffee just to maintain wakefulness and get to sub-normal.

The First Moments of the Day

These feelings aren’t permanent and you’ll get rolling quite shortly, but these first moments of waking up have a much greater impact on the rest of your day than we think.

  • The first thing you think about will adjust your mental focus for the coming hours.
  • The first thing you say to yourself will influence what you’re gonna feel.
  • The first thing you do is gonna determine what you’ll do for the rest of the day and how you’re gonna do it.
  • The first thing you choose to resist will enforce the idea that you can stay disciplined.
  • The first thing you give in to will become a source of angst and detriment.

Even if the effects are temporary and you’ll feel completely differently within a few hours, they still have a huge impact on what you accomplish with your day.

  • If you snooze, you’re enforcing the habit of snoozing in your work and personal development.
  • If you cringe at how you feel, you’re wasting time and effectiveness on negativity and complaining.
  • If you think: “FCK this,” you’re creating a negative association with waking up and your subconscious mind will keep experiencing these same thoughts and emotions every single morning.

Your Subconscious Mind is Listening

Our brains are energy spending machines yet we seek to find ways to preserve as much of it as possible.

Everything you think and do follows momentum.

  • It becomes easier to do something the longer you do it.
  • It becomes easier to repeat things the more often you do them.
  • It becomes easier to fall off the wagon once you’ve learned to do it.
  • It becomes easier to turn a blind eye to your habits after you’ve allowed yourself to do it.

This applies both ways – towards productivity and procrastination, towards pessimism and optimism, towards discipline and lack thereof.

So, the first moments of your day are extremely important. Not only for avoiding getting into a rut of negative self-loathing, but also for priming your brain to be the way you want it to be right when you wake up.

Control YOUR First Moments of the Day

What you need to do is:

  • Examine what do you think, feel and do right when you wake up? Do you automatically start hating daylight without even knowing the reason? Or do you feel enthusiastic right from the get go? Maybe you feel something just out of habit without even knowing the real cause.
  • Identify what could potentially make you feel like that. Most commonly it has to do with the quality of your sleep. Other things to consider are getting rid of your alarm clock because if you get interrupted in the middle of a sleep cycle, you’ll wake up feeling more tired than otherwise.
  • When you awake, focus on things you do want to feel and accomplish for the day. What is bringing you the most excitement in your life right now? Is it a creative project, a new job, a love relationship or do you just feel great to be alive? You don’t really need anything else to feel amazing.
  • Empower that feeling with positive affirmations and more importantly with taking action. Get out of bed ASAP to create a contrast to the cozy slumber. This will greatly shift momentum to your side and gets the ball rolling.

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