Stick To Your Goals

Siim Land

So, the first weeks of 2016 have now passed. With your enthusiasm burning like wildfire you set out to go after your purpose. Motivation is through the roof and progress seems to be made quite easily. Everything works, until it doesn’t. After a while you begin to slow down and make some errors. Eventually, you realise that you’ve stopped completely and returned to your old self. You want to know how to stick to your goals.

A lot of people tend to struggle with this problem. They begin their hero’s journey of becoming a self-empowered being but don’t finish it. Not like there is ever an end to be reached on this path. There isn’t, it’s an ongoing process.

It’s just that you find it difficult to, after deciding to change, to make it permanent, to stick to your goals. This is quite normal. Change is difficult for the ego and our subconscious mind to handle. Think for a moment. You’ve spent all this time constructing these patterns of automatic action and thought all to be stripped from the ground and rebuilt up again. Imagine someone coming and stomping your magnificent sandcastle to the ground right in front of your eyes. Frustration, resentment, stop it!


However, our subconsciousness is only the curator of our mind. Our conscious self knows what’s best and has made the decision to alter the pathways. It entails making an even greater castle, a citadel, in fact. Change is an inevitable part of life and we better get used to it.

To be able to stick to your goals you have to reconstruct the castle and patterns of your subconscious mind. Initially, the habits of your current self are too strong and they will happen automatically. This, however, can be used to our advantage.

In order to accomplish this task you need to operate from the principles that produce this type of success not only do what other successful people do. There is a difference between DOING and BEING. The former describes our actions while the latter is who we are. It’s a lot more powerful because of the effect habits have on us. What you need to do is change your mode of being, who you are, what you do and what you want to accomplish.

change your being

By changing your mode of being will you be able to stick to your goals. Habits are the foundation to any permanent change. Moreover, eventually it will become easier and enjoyable as we won’t know how to act in any other way.

There is no other way around this than to simply do it. We’re slaves to our habits and it’s especially evident when we’re trying to change something. However, patience and perseverence are the traits of self-masters. The sovereignity of our being belongs to our conscious self. The best thing I can give you are some tips on how to implement this reconstruction.

How to stick to your goals.


  • Accept the decision. – Stick to your goals you must would Grandmaster Yoda say. He also said: „Do or do not, there is no try.“ That’s the truth. If we’ve made the decision to change then we ought to go for it or forget about it completely. Make a deal with yourself. We either keep our word and hold ourselves accountable or spend our time and effort doing something else. You don’t want to break your own promises, do you? It entails us doing the things we’re supposed to do whether we feel like it or not, at least initially.

stick to your goals, you must

  • Become disciplined. – Motivation is a great thing to have but we can’t rely on it (Read how to do things without it). Discipline is a much better tool to have. It enables us to conduct change in any situation. It’s a part of self-mastery. Rising above the way you feel and doing it despite of it because you recognize the necessity. Don’t see it as a punishing rod but instead the herald of our conscious self giving the subconsciousness appropriate commands for change. It’s supposed to feel like teamwork with both of the entities trying to make things for the better. One of them is simply blind to the fact that it’s necessary.
    • Begin moving. The beginning is the most difficult part of any work not to mention change. A spacecraft or a shuttle burn up the most energy during lift-off because gravity (our old self) is holding them down. Once enough power has been used they begin to move almost in of themselves. In space they require very little to move forward. The same principle applies to change. Motion is most difficult to initiate after long periods of stagnation. It’s hard to get up in the morning because of the comfortable bed. We need to zap out of it for a moment and simply begin. The conversations we have in our head during that time will not only determine whether or not we hit the snooze button but also the rest of our life. This is where nothing but discipline can help us.
    • Stick to the routine. There are some things that have to be done. In order for you to stick to your goals you need to stick to the activities that accomplish them. The more you do something the more it becomes a habit and the more you’ll actually enjoy doing it. The new patterns of behaviour will become a part of your new mode of being. It’s the automation starting to take effect.
  • Create intrinsic motivation. – However, despite the powerful effect of discipline, we don’t want to use it indefinately. It’s something used to change habits initially but in order for them to become permanent we need intrinsic motivation, the desire of doing the things we’re supposed to do whether we feel like it or not. By loving the things you do and your mode of being you will inevitably be able to stick to your goals. This is the most important part of creating any long lasting change.
    • Ask yourself the WHY? There is a reason why you would want to implement change. Is it necessary for your health and wellbeing, your family or do you simply want to become a better you? Whatever it might be it’s necessary to know the why. That way we will inevitably become motivated to act. If not then the reason isn’t big enough. You don’t actually want it and thus can’t stick to your goals.
    • Imagine all of the benefits you’ll get. Using creative visualization you can envision yourself having already accomplished your goals. Go over the top with this and see how much better your life will be. Your future self is a great direction to be heading towards. What would he do in this situation? How would he act? We already know the answers to those questions. To become the person we know we can become we need to resemble their behaviour.
    • Begin to love the process. No journey is worthwhile unless we enjoy every single step. Arriving at the destination makes up only a small part of it. We ought to get pleasure from talking the talk and walking the walk. Relish the fact that you’re becoming better and developing as a person. You’re moving forward and thus growing. You’re in motion and working on your dreams. What else would you want out of life? Don’t be on a constant grind but instead stop and smell the roses. Take a moment to enjoy yourself in the process of becoming a self-empowered being. Every step then picks up a meaning and becomes a part of the bigger picture.
    • See how far you’ve come. In order to create more motivation, when it’s difficult to stick to your goals, take a moment to reflect on the journey. See how much progress, if any, you’ve made and be grateful for making it that far. It will create appreciation and newfound inspiration to carry on. However, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’ve already made it. There’s still a lot to be done.
  • Implement the habit. – Despite how much discipline or intrinsic motivation we have, in order for our mode of being to change permanently we need to make it a habit. The more we do something the stronger the patterns get. In this we can use the automation of our subconsciousness to our advantage. We simply need to be patient and persevere through.
    • Realise that every act is enforcing a habit. It might seem trivial but it’s not. Everything we do is either taking us closer or further away from our goals, always. If you slack off in one thing it will eventually reflect in everything you do. If you’re strick in one area of your life then every other one will improve aswell. Looking the other way is out of the question because it’s a bad habit. Becoming a self-empowered being is a feat that has to be earned every single day. There ought not be any loopholes as we will inevitably fall into them.
    • Use assistance and reminders. At first bad habits will inevitably occur because of the automation. We need to control them not the other way round. To do this we can use notifications and become more mindful in general. Moreover, tell someone else about your intentions so that they can help you to keep accountability.

is this the one thing

    • To stick to your goals you need to stick to the habits that accomplish that end. It’s said that it takes several weeks for habits to change. The longer the better, the more they become a part of our mode of being. At first it’s difficult, it wouldn’t feel right without it. There is a period where we need to be more vigilant than normally. It’s the time of getting ahead that enables you to stick to your goals. A small sacrifice we have to make in comparison to the benefits we get in the future.

These are all of the tips I can give, if you’re trying to stick to your goals. Some might have it easier than others. That depends on their mode of being, the person who they are and who they want to become. Becoming a self-empowered being entails accomplishing anything we set ourselves up for. Greatness isn’t something bestowed on anyone. The laurels have to be earned and ought not to be taken granted for. Those who are willing to go through the process are the ones that will succeed. Those who aren’t will fail and thus stay the same. There is no other way around it. Difficulties and effort is to be expected and enjoyed.

If you are the type of person who wants to reach their truest potential, manifest the greatness that is embedded within you and achieve self-mastery then you should read my book. It teaches what are the principles and how to accomplish this task. Becoming a Self-Empowered Being is for the select few who can call themselves such and are willing to go through the process. Are you ready to take charge of your life and become a better person?

  • You’re really right about habits being the key to goal setting. I read a great book recently called The power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, really made me analyse my core routines. I wrote a bit about it too, would highly recommend you check it out friend!

    • I know right. I think I’ve already looked at your article. Was very well written and comprehensive!

  • Sweet article! I appreciate the work you put into it. Helped me a lot and snapped me back out of false thought Patterns. Keep it up.

  • Yes! I like the saying ‘80% of success is just showing up!’ and I think that relates to habit forming! Just keep showing up!!! 🙂

    • So true. It’s just that the showing up seems so big of a challenge for people to stick to. Luckily, it’s the most difficult part as it gets easier later.

  • Your article is very well said and done ..the key to success in all positive life changes is desire . I believe Plato knew this to be true and how strong that desire need be for manifestation of it . Many aren’t willing to go through the process of transformation sadly , glad to know you are on board with the select group of us that are willing.

    • Thanks! Yes, Plato was all about conscious desire and manifesting the soul. At least there are some of us despite our low numbers.