My One Meal a Day Keto Full Day of Eating (OMAD KETO Diet / One Meal a Day Bodybuilding)

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In case you didn’t know, I’m on a OMAD Keto diet and eat once a day. But what exactly do I eat for my ONE MEAL A DAY? This article tells you exactly what.

One Meal a Day Full Day of Eating

It’s not going to be the most exciting full day of eating because…you eat only one meal a day, but I still put quite a lot of thought and effort into what I eat and how I structure it all.

My OMAD Schedule

I spend the majority of the day in a fasted state and eat only at dinner.

  • Fasting window – 20-22 hours
  • Feeding window – 2-4 hours

I also follow the ketogenic diet which makes it that much easier because I’ll be burning my own body fat for fuel.



(1) Fasting Phase

The first half of the day I don’t consume any calories – I only drink water. Usually, I don’t even drink coffee or tea because I just don’t want to bother with it. However, they’re allowed while fasting.

So this is the purely zero caloric period, which lasts from the morning until noon around 6 AM – 1 PM. It’s the perfect time for me to be productive and creative because I feel like fasting sharpens my focus greatly.

At noon around 1 PM, I have some coffee – all black, no calories still. I drink about 1-2 cups a day and I do it at that time because it’s when cortisol levels begin to decrease and I won’t build any resistance to caffeine. Drinking coffee strategically will help you gain the most benefits from it with the least downside.

You should add some salt to your water, or even coffee, to increase electrolyte, which is quite important while fasting.

(2) Workout Phase

In the afternoon, when I’ve been fasting for 16-18 hours, I start working out.

Because I’m already at a low amount of body fat and I train quite hard, I have a small little protein shake.during my workout.

It’s usually a half scoop of some plant-based protein, but it can be whey protein as well. I also add MCT oil and cinnamon to blunt the insulin response.

In total, it’s about 100-150 calories, which doesn’t actually kick me out of a fasted state. My blood sugar levels don’t change because I’m already working out. That protein shake will go straight to muscle cells and it’s gone almost instantly.

The reason I do it isn’t because I can’t push myself without calories. I do it to promote muscle protein synthesis post-workout and replenish my glycogen faster.

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This is like an OMAD version of the targeted ketogenic diet, which I’ve also written a book about, so check it out.

Biggest Problem With
Eating One Meal a Day

You might get some micronutrient deficiencies. If you only have a limited period where you eat your food, you don’t have enough time to get all the nutrients. The macros aren’t as important as the micros.

What nutrients you definitely need:

  • Magnesium, Vitamin-D3, omega-3s
  • Zinc, selenium, iodine
  • Vitamin-K, Vitamin-B12

Because they’re harder to get from diet, I choose to supplement them during the day as well.

When I’m working out, I have fish oil, magnesium, vitamin-D and also some chlorella tablets. They’re great for reducing inflammation and promoting longevity.

(3) Pre-Dinner Phase

I finish working out around 5-6 PM and by that time, I’ve been fasting for nearly 20 hours. That’s usually when I start preparing for dinner – the one meal to rule them all.

Before eating anything, I have a secret cocktail that would promote digestion. It’s apple cider vinegar with some hot water and lemon juice.

Apple cider vinegar is super good for the gut and overall health. It reduces inflammation, improves insulin sensitivity and has many other benefits, so I recommend everyone to start using it.

I add 2 teaspoons of ACV and drink it with water. 

Sometimes I also add some psyllium powder to get some more fiber into the diet. Because on keto, you may not get enough, if you don’t like veggies…

What I Mostly Eat on OMAD Keto

My main source of protein and favorite food are eggs. They have the entire amino acid profile, particularly leucine, which is very good for muscle growth. Choline as well, which is needed for the brain and cognition. DHA, EPA, omega-3s and you know they’re also very tasty.

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I usually eat 5-6 eggs a day, even as many as 10.

Next to that, I eat a big bowl of salad with some spinach, celery, lettuce, beet greens, cucumber, spring onions and a heap loads of olive oil. It’s like a huge micronutrient bomb full of vitamins and minerals.

Fun Fact: Did you know that spinach has like 8x more potassium than bananas, which is commonly thought to be the healthiest source of potassium? You don’t need to eat bananas, you’ll be much better off with spinach.

On top of the salad, I add some sauerkraut and sour cream, which are also very good for the gut. They’re fermented and feed the good gut microbiome.

I also add a ton of seasoning and herbs.

  • Ginger, turmeric, cinnamon
  • Black pepper, Cayenne pepper, pink Himalayan rock salt
  • Rosemary, thyme, basil

They’re full of antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. Plus they make you live longer, which is…awesome.

(4) One Dinner a Day

I eat it all very slowly over the course of an hour because I don’t want to stress my gut by bombing it with a lot of food at once.

After that, I wait a bit and let digestion do its thing.

My second meal can be something heavier but still nutritious.

  • Some baked cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage.
  • A few carrots and tomatoes. With an avocado.
  • For protein chicken thighs with the skin and some pork.

With my second course, I take more supplements.

  • More of those chlorella tablets – they’re that good for you…
  • Magnesium, zinc, multivitamin, sea kelp for iodine, fish oil
  • GABA, which is great for neurotransmitter communication and relaxation
  • 2-4 Brazil nuts a day because they’re one of the most abundant sources of selenium

As my last caloric consumption for the day, I drink raw cacao. It’s one of the densest sources of antioxidants in the world and it has some fiber. The taste is bitter but very nice if you add cinnamon.

Sometimes I eat a few low carb berries, like strawberries, blackberries, blueberries. Especially on my workout days, when my body can use a few extra grams of carbs.

My OMAD Eating Plan

And that’s basically it.

As you can see I don’t eat exactly one meal a day, but it still counts as one. Because I’m not trying to lose weight but build muscle, it would be too difficult for me to consume nearly 3000 calories in an hour. So I do it slowly. It’s a great strategy for building lean muscle.

To be honest, I don’t really count my calories either. I put the foods into MyFitnessPal without weighing them but simply guesstimate the macros with my eyes – with my cyclops sight.

My OMAD Macros Full Day of Eating Siim Land
My OMAD Macros Full Day of Eating Siim Land

For that day, I consumed around 2300-2500 calories.

  • 50 grams NET carbs
  • 130-140 grams of protein
  • 170-190 grams of fat

This is what an average day of eating looks like for me when I’m doing OMAD on the ketogenic diet. OMAAADD. U MAD???It can really be that simple. But starting OMAD can be difficult.

If you’re interested in combining the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and working out on it, then check out my program called KETO FIT.

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