Why You Should Create a NOT TO DO LIST

Siim Land

Be ready to completely shift your paradigms because I’m about to tell you about why you should create a not to do list.

A To Do List That Works

Do you have a to-do list? Lots of people have and they use it to note down things they need to do. Makes sense and it can be effective.

But NOT DOING SOMETHING is actually a hell of a lot more important than doing something. It doesn’t matter how much good stuff you add if you still undermine it with the bad.

What’s more, there’s the danger of getting stuck with paralysis by analysis. There are

  • So many activities (yay!) to choose from
  • So many things I have to do
  • So much stuff to get over with

That I don’t even know where to start. You get stuck in overthinking.

This is a very real problem and it prevents you from taking action mercilessly.

But this obstacle too is another way.

What is a Not To Do List

To not drown deep into the depths of endless to-dos, you would want to counter-balance your to-DO list with an NOT-TO-DO list. It’s a list of activities that you don’t do – they’re nonnegotiably excluded and a big no-no.

Practicing the art of addition by subtraction can add more to the quality of your life. Your productivity, time management, relationships, mental health, and success, in general, will improve.

How to Create a Not To Do List

It’s simple, you come up with a list of activities, things, and commitments you need to avoid.

The idea is to exclude all potential distractions, extra work, dangers, time swamps, bottlenecks and unnecessary effort.

You remove the things that are robbing from you the most time and energy, lock them up in a box and throw away the key. Not really…You can still do some of the activities like going on social media or eating but you do it when you choose to and then they have the least potential damage on you or your goals.

Positive restriction gives you more freedom. It opens up mental and purely physical space in your schedule and work.

Things Not To Do List

Here’s an example not-to-do-list

  • NOT TO check e-mail any more than once or twice a day.
  • NOT TO eat while working or being productive.
  • NOT TO have your smartphone on during the first few hours of the day.
  • NOT TO go on social media until the evening.
  • NOT TO make procrastination easier by having a lot of distractions around you.
  • NOT TO sit or stand in a single position for any longer than an hour.
  • NOT TO expose yourself to blue light in the evening. This is crucial.
  • NOT TO back down from a workout.

The Not to Eat List

You can apply this to the foods you eat as well. This is a huge game-changer.

Instead of having to waste precious cognitive resources on thinking what to eat, when and how much, you follow a simple set of rules that make your decision making almost automatic.

Some foods to add to your not-to-eat-list

  • NOT TO eat refined carbs and simple sugars – diabeetes
  • NOT TO drink your calories like fruit juices or sodas – diabeetus intensifies
  • NOT TO combine starches and proteins together
  • NOT TO eat carbs and fat together
  • NOT TO consume trans fats and vegetable oils -eviiill
  • NOT TO add artificial sweeteners to your food or drinks – diabeetus
  • NOT TO deep fry your foods or roast them until they’re dark as night

Very simple, but highly effective. By doing this, you’re avoiding most of the potential dangers of eating the wrong foods. Yet again, positive restriction gives you more freedom.

To Do or Not To Do

This is the reason I do the ketogenic diet as well. If I can only eat a certain range of foods, I don’t have to waste time and willpower on that stuff. No carbs? Great, they’re excluded from my radar entirely, and I can spend my efforts on things that are more important.

Things like being creative, improving my fitness, becoming more successful, expanding my mind and enhancing my life overall.

That’s what this blog is all about. Body Mind Empowerment, so you should subscribe and stick around.

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  1. This was a very interesting post which I would give the thought of doing and I normally keep the Not- To -Do List in my mind and I accomplish by not doing them is by setting goals in my to-do-list…
    Have a nice day and it was nice reading this post 🙂

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