WHY AM I SO HUNGRY ALL THE TIME – Why Do We Experience Hunger and How to Never Feel Hungry

Siim Land

Always hungry never feel full? What’s the problem here?

Eating is an enormous task for both our body and mind. It’s necessary for survival and enjoyable at the same time. We can all tell how uncomfortable it is to have hunger pains or other effects of not eating.

Constantly having to eat is enslaving. I’m a total foodie and love to eat but I like to do it less frequently and be done with it. Having 6 small meals a day is time-consuming which I do not want to spend.

There are a lot of benefits to not feeling hungry. With our body and mind satisfied we can focus on tasks that would make other aspects of our life that much better.

“Why am I Hungry?”

What causes hunger in the first place?

Hunger is created by the hormone called ghrelin, that is produced by the gut to stimulate appetite. It signals the brain that the body is running low on fuel and it is time to eat something.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an energy crisis. It’s more like a pre-cautionary message that lets us know when we have reached the lower ends of our storage. Think of it like the gas light of your car.

never feel hungry low fuel
The ghrelin light

Different Hunger, Different Cause

There is also a difference between physiological and psychological hunger. The former is the one that indicates the presence of energy production and maintenance for survival. The latter is more like an illusion and mainly habitual.

Whenever you have the desire to eat something think first. Are you hungry because your body needs nutrients or is it just your brain that wants something?

never feel hungry different types of hunger

More often than not people eat just out of boredom. They have nothing else to do than patrol between the couch and the fridge. This is not a real cause to be consuming energy. If you want to never feel hungry again then you need to stop this habit because it’s only reinforcing the issue.


In the case of physiological hunger we are hungry because our body is actually in need of calories. It happens out of necessity for conducting repair mechanisms and to maintain homeostasis. This turns food into fuel and nourishment not entertainment and indulgence.

How to Prevent Psychological Hunger

Why do people get hungry in their minds? It has a lot to do with bad habits definitely, but there’s more than that.

One of the issues might be that the brain and other parts of the body have entered miscommunication.

Another key hormone of satiety is leptin that signals us whether or not we are full. If we are resistant to it then we won’t stop eating and will gorge ourselves. With leptin working correctly you should never feel hungry in the morning, or have to eat several meals throughout the day. It’s not you, it’s your hormones.

Never feel hungry leptin

All of these malfunctions happen because of the brain perceiving energy as scarcity. Calories are essential for any organism to survive and the mind will always try to motivate the body to eat as much of them as possible. Even when there’s no direct necessity for physiological maintenance.

Why Does the Brain Need Energy?

The biggest reason why us humans have to eat so many calories is to feed our hungry brain. It is the most expensive tissue we have.

Making up less than 5% of our body weight, it demands about 20% of our total energy expenditure. We want to never feel hungry anymore, but our brain will always make us eat more.

Our large neocortex is the crown jewel of evolution and human development. It needs to have access to abundant energy constantly, so that we can think more clearly. In addition to that, the body needs to be kept at a caloric balance.

“What’s the Cause?”

However, it shouldn’t require a lot of calories to maintain its functioning. Once our immediate access to energy within the body has run out we still have a lot of stored fuel with us. I’m under 10% body fat and carry around with me more than 20 000 calories.

20 000+ calories to never feel hungry.
20 000+ calories to never feel hungry.

From the perspective of evolution we shouldn’t experience hunger because of facing exhaustion. The energy stored in our adipose tissue would keep us alive but we still get hungry. Looking at how large our fuel tank really is, it seems that the issue isn’t how many calories we have but how effectively we use them.

You Can’t Access Your Energy

Why you get hungry? Because you cannot access your stored fuel supplies.

When it comes to providing ourselves with constant energy, then it’s important to know how to burn fat for fuel.

There is a big difference between burning sugar and fat. It’s not about caloric balance or weight loss. In its core, the difference lies in the way the body uses its various fuel sources.

If you know how to use fat as your primary fuel source, then you will be able to keep your body constantly plugged in to a steady stream of energy.

How to Teach Your Body
to Burn Fat and Never Feel Hungry

It starts with becoming more effective with our already existing stored fuel. Becoming fat adapted is not as difficult as it seems, but it takes time.

Nutritional ketosis is an altered metabolic state in which the body has completely shifted from using glucose as the primary fuel source to ketones. It means, that you’ll be using your own body fat for energy.

Ketones get created by the liver once our glycogen stores have been depleted and a substitute is necessary for the brain. They can also be derived from dietary fat intake.

Our brain is made up of 60% fat and can actually run a lot better on ketones. Fat burns more slowly than sugar and provides more energy in total.

When in ketosis you will experience almost no hunger whatsoever and are always satiated. It promotes mental clarity and gives the body access to its greatest energy source – its own stored fat.

It Doesn’t End There 

But ketosis isn’t a magic pill. It makes us extremely efficient with our energy maintenance and production but it’s not necessary.

To prevent physiological and psychological hunger all together we also have to change some of our habits.

One who is in ketosis can still experience hunger but it’s less frequent and almost non-existent.

Learn How to Become Fat Adapted…


Getting into ketosis is only one small fraction of becoming a fat burner. It’s only a part of fat adaptation, though definitely a very effective one.

There are other ways to teach your body how to burn fat for fuel, including nutritional ketosis. They will take care of both physiological as well as psychological hunger.

The underlining purpose of becoming a fat burner is not weight loss or to shred body fat. It’s more about teaching the body how to manage its own fuel sources more efficiently. As a result, we will get access to more energy and will experience less hunger, mental fog, muscle catabolism and other negative effects of nutrition.

…and Never Feel Hungry

Over the course of years, I’ve managed to teach my body to burn fat. I’m constantly energized and most of the time I never feel hungry, at least not ravenous, or experience blood sugar irregularities. This fat adaptation has happened after a lot of research, self-experimentation and quantification.

I’ve mastered my body and have put all of that knowledge into a concept I call Simple Keto

It teaches how to not only how to become a fat burner but also how to reach health beyond wellness. It’s the never feel hungry diet program but only a fraction of its total benefits.. By following those principles I have increased my performance across every domain of my life and I feel truly Superhuman.