Empower Your Biology and Achieve Your Dream Body

Start a Well-Formulated Ketogenic Diet with Intermittent Fasting

This Program Will...

  • Educate You about the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES of nutrition
  • Teach You WHAT IS KETOSIS and all of its basics
  • Give you all the help you need to START a KETOGENIC DIET
  • Help you in making OPTIMAL FOOD CHOICES
  • Improve all of your biomarkers and PROTECTS AGAINST DISEASE
  • Make you MORE THAN HEALTHY, by increasing your longevity BEYOND WELLNESS

If You Want To...

  • Feel AMAZING all of the time and have ABUNDANT ENERGY...
  • Get the AESTHETIC and FIT body you've always wanted to have...
  • COMBINE FASTING AND KETO as the ultimate biohack...
  • Eat MOUTHWATERING and DELICIOUS KETOGENIC FOODS, including desserts...
  • NEVER FEEL HUNGRY or suffer from cravings for food...
  • Get into KETOSIS in JUST A FEW DAYS and switch to the KETOGENIC LIFESTYLE in 3 WEEKS...
  • Turn your body into a FAT BURNING MACHINE...

...Then you MUST GET this program and meal plan.

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21-Day Meal Plan

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Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend for your health?
You can accomplish a lot by doing very little.

This Program is For Your, IF

  • You want to EAT HEALTHY but don't know HOW.
  • You've TRIED to GET FIT, but have failed to do so.
  • You want to FEEL AMAZING all the time.
  • You want to become a SELF ACTUALIZED PERSON.
  • You want to CONTROL your own biology and evolution.
  • You want to take your physique to the NEXT LEVEL.
  • You don't have TIME to spend HOURS at the gym to lose weight.
  • You want to become a FAT BURNING MACHINE.
  • You want to LIVE LONGER.
  • You want to improve your COGNITION.

This Program is NOT For You, IF

  • You like to take health FOR GRANTED.
  • You DON'T want to improve your health markers.
  • You want to be OBESE and DIABETIC.
  • You like to be SLOTHFUL.
  • You love being FATIGUED and WEAK.
  • You've decided to NOT BE as great as you can be.
  • You want a MEDIOCRE LIFE and body.
  • You DON'T CARE about your family and friends.
  • You enjoy having NO ENERGY.
  • You think that it's OKAY to NOT be fit and healthy.
  • You DON'T want to make yourself HAPPY.

Hi, my name is SIIM LAND!

I'm a holistic health practitioner, high performance coach, an author, experimenter  and a keto athlete. I've been doing intermittent fasting since 2010 when I was just in highschool and have followed the ketogenic diet since May 2015.

After having gone through a lot of nutritional experiments, self-quantifying, trial and error, I've managed to optimize the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting so that it would turn me almost into Superhuman.

With the help of this program you'll learn all you need to know about doing keto fasting. The program will take you by the hand and guide you through a lot of the nonsense and prevents you from making the mistakes almost everyone makes. My experience with IF and keto will put you into ketosis effortlessly and allows you to become a fat burning beast.


Let me take you on a short mind trip. 

Your entire existence – your sensory perceptions, your movements, the ideas you have of yourself and the things you do – are the outcries and projections of your consciousness – your consciousness that stems from your body. 

The fact of the matter is, you can’t expect to live a truly fulfilling life and REACH YOUR PEAK POTENTIAL as a human being if your biology isn't functioning optimally. 

What KETO // IF is About:

In essence, it’s about learning to take care of our body so that we could be healthier, more vibrant and have GREATER CAPACITY FOR ENERGY PRODUCTION, but in its core it’s a manual for manipulating our own physiology in a way that would make us stronger, more resilient and efficient.

The two pillar stones of what’s written here – the ones that lay the foundation to us achieving OPTIMAL HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE - are two nutritional strategies that have gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, and with a reason. They are INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) and the KETOGENIC DIET (KETO). 


My Expertise

I've been doing IF FOR 5-6 YEARS – ever since high school (I’m 22 now). The ketogenic diet found its way into my repertoire in May 2015 and I’ve been ON KETO for nearly 2 YEARS

Here’s What You Will Learn from KETO // IF:

  • Make yourself HEALTHY AGAIN
  • Prevent or battle diabetes
  • PROTECT yourself AGAINST CANCER, tumors and other disease
  • INCREASE your longevity and LIFE-SPAN
  • Burn as much fat as you want
  • HEAL YOUR GUT and repair your hormones
  • Give yourself an abundance of energy
  • Always FEEL SATIATED and amazing
  • Be able to fast for many days WITHOUT GETTING HUNGRY
  • Not feel deprived of food or essential nutrients
  • Eat DELICIOUS FOOD until you’re satisfied

What You Can Expect to Achieve

I’ve experimented with these strategies for a long time and I’m always amazed by the sheer effectiveness of them. 

For instance, one time I FASTED FOR 100 HOURS - no food for 4 DAYS - and DIDN'T EVEN GET HUNGRY. Then I went to the gym and DID HEAVY BACK SQUATS of 120 kg (265 pounds) for reps of 3. That was about 80% of my maximum and I didn't feel any lack of strength.

By combining IF and KETO, I’ve managed to improve my physical abilities by building purely lean muscle with virtually ZERO FAT GAIN; enhanced my cognitive performance by making myself mentally SHARPER and FOCUSED; and made myself have an ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY all day every day no matter the time or place. To be honest, I feel SUPERHUMAN because I can do what others can’t do and say that I’m not capable of doing.


Both IF and KETO contradict what is considered as healthy or optimal for performance. The VILLAINIZING OF FAT and constant eating has led the majority of the population to becoming obese and diseased. Fortunately, you’ve found this page and can easily EMPOWER YOUR PHYSIOLOGY to a much more powerful and efficient state. In my opinion, doing intermittent fasting on a ketogenic diet is the HOLY GRAIL of high performance, longevity and well-being.

How the Hell Does it Work?

Ketosis shits your body into its PRIME-PRIMAL STATE, in which you're using your own body fat as fuel. This can be achieved either through fasting or following a ketogenic diet.

If you're eating like an average person - i.e. carbohydrates, fruit, whole grain cereal, ham etc. - then your body is geared towards running on sugar. This keeps you from burning fat as effectively as you could. 

However, if you were to COMBINE IF and KETO, then you would become the ULTIMATE FAT BURNING MACHINE. You'll have access to your infinite supply source 24/7 and will almost never get hungry, bonk mentally or lose muscle after not eating for days.

Meet Intermittent Fasting

In a society full of calories, ‘fasting’ has become the F-word that’s associated with images of starvation, obesity, anorexia, asceticism and horror all at the same time. This is the result of contemporary eating habits based on snacking, refined carbohydrates and low fat bacon (yummm!).

What intermittent fasting really refers to is VOLUNTARY AND CONTROLLED ABSTINENCE from food for a certain period of time. 

After not having eaten calories for about 6-8 hours, your body shifts out of a fed state into a fasted one, characterized by the CONVERSION OF STORED BODY FAT INTO ENERGY. When this continues until the 16-18 hour mark, the liver’s glycogen stores will be completely emptied out and it now begins to produce more ketone bodies.

Star of the Show - Ketosis

If glucose and insulin levels remain low, the body will eventually shift into a state of ketosis, which restructures your metabolism to getting its main energy from fat and ketones, as opposed to carbohydrates.

But ketosis can be achieved by simply eating low carb for a certain time period as well. Keto is a FASTING MIMICKING DIET, characterized by lower circulating blood glucose and elevated ketone body production.

Fasting ketosis – induced by fasting – and nutritional ketosis – achieved through eating – are physiologically the same – almost identical. There are some specific adaptations unique to a fasted state – like autophagy - which is why you would want to combine them.

What's the difference between burning sugar and fat?

  • Glucose metabolism is quick and gives us instant energy. It also produces free radicals that speed up aging and make you bonk mentally.
  • Fatty acid metabolism produces ketone bodies that give us 25% more energy that lasts for several hours. There aren't any dangerous by-products either because it's clean fuel.

Here's a simple graph to illustrate my point.


The Benefits of Fasting on Keto

The two are like a match made in heaven. In fact, THE BEST WAY TO DO INTERMITTENT FASTING IS TO DO IT ON A KETOGENIC DIET because it will make your time spent in a fasted state that much more enjoyable and effortless.

There are still many other reasons as to why combining intermittent fasting and keto is a great idea:

  • Effortless fat loss – your body will be literally melting off its own fat because of it being metabolically geared towards doing it.
  • Reduced appetite and no hunger – because of the same reason you rarely get hungry or have sugar cravings.
  • Access to abundant energy 24/7 – similarly, you’ll be tapped into your largest fuel supply, namely your own body fat.
  • Low levels of inflammation – oxidative stress decreases significantly and you’ll experience less pain, slothfulness and lethargy
  • Heightened focus and mental clarity – with no brain fog or tiredness, your cognition has the opportunity to flourish
  • Better health and protection against disease – both IF and keto have an array of therapeutic benefits that can cure many of your current medical conditions as well as protect you against them in the future.
  • Increased longevity and lengthened life-span – the physiological state of both fasting and nutritional ketosis is so clean, which keeps your body well off for longer
  • An overall feeling of satiety and euphoria – with your body and brain constantly satisfied, you’ll experience general vigor and wellbeing.

If you think you're feeling OKAY at the moment then that's just because you have no idea that there's another way. The MORE ENERGIZED, STRONGER, VITAL and POWERFUL version of yourself is separated from you by an impeding wall of glycolosis. 

After you get into ketosis, you'll be able to tap into the last section of the diagram, which are 9-10 energy levels. On keto, you can reach your higher potential and become YOU+.

The Biggest Reason Why do Keto // IF

But the main purpose of this program isn't just to be performing at our peak. Instead, the greatest benefit has to do with LIVING LONGER.

When you deprive any living organism from calories their expected LIFE-SPAN WILL INCREASE by 30%. However, eventually they will still starve to death.

The key is to do FASTING INTERMITTENTLY and adding KETO into the mix will make it that much easier. In fact, the ketogenic diet mimicks the physiology of fasting to a great degree. The two are a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN.

Dominic D'Agostino, PhD is one of the leading researchers in fasting, ketosis and cancer. He also follows the ketogenic diet and suggests everyone to have a therapeutic FAST OF 3-5 DAYS 2-3 TIMES PER YEAR to PURGE PRECANCEROUS CELLS and reset the immune system.

If that sounds scary to you
then don't worry. KETO // IF teaches you the HIDDEN SECRETS of ketosis and allows you to effortlessly bulletproof your health against any disease. 

I would not speak so loudly and enthusiastically about this if it didn’t work. My personal life and energy levels have improved tremendously and I want other people to feel the same way.

I want you to feel the same way. 

melt fat off your body

Get the Life-Enhancing and Fat Burning



21-Day Meal Plan

For ONLY $65.00 $39

Secured and Trusted Payment via PAYPAL and CLICKBANK

Instant Digital Access and Download

60-Day Money Back GUARANTEE.

Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend for your health?
You can accomplish a lot by doing very little.

"Every fool can fast, but only the wise man knows how to break a fast."

- George Bernard Shaw

Here are some people getting amazing results with KETO // IF

Keto // IF Results


"Without sounding cliché, I would have to say this course has changed my life, literally. The knowledge I gained from this course I can apply to so many areas of my life, its application is endless, having extra energy or surges at work, workouts have been hit harder like I did when I was younger, no energy drought that I felt was old age when it’s time to come home as I want to spend time with my Kids.
The author keeps things informative yet makes the knowledge easily digestible. The content isn’t dry and there is no detouring -you want to play the next chapter as opposed to “pushing through it” like I’ve had with some other Keto ebooks/videos.
Keto has opened a closed door that I accepted as just being tired from the demands in life. This course has excited and impacted my life in a way that far exceeds the cost of the product. Fascinating course."
I started 90 days ago with the program after trying multiple other programs. I found the information logical and easy to follow. For me, the combination of IFwith Keto works fantastic. Combining this protocol with 6 days a week of running and lifting has brought my weight from 205lbs to currently 175 in a 90-day window.  
I have now moved to OMAD(one meal a day) and I am hoping to hit my goal weight of 165 in the next 45 days.  The 21 day high and low-calorie plans worked great and the recipes specifically the "fat bombs" helped to crush cravings.  Bottom line torching fat increased energy and a significant reduction in carb cravings.
I would highly recommend the program to anyone looking to cut fat and maintain athletic performance.
Mark Keto // IF Results



Part One

  • A metabolic crash course about the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF NUTRITION
  • What is KETOSIS and all of the physiological adaptations it creates
  • Why go on a ketogenic diet and what are the METABOLIC ADVANTAGES
  • How to GET FREE from sugar cravings, brain fog and hunger
  • REV UP YOUR MITOCHONDRIA to give yourself blazing power

Part Two

  • How to GET INTO KETOSIS effortlessly
  • How to FAST AND FEAST without getting hungry
  • How to END A FAST without losing it
  • How MUCH FOOD TO EAT after a fast
  • How to FAST FOR DAYS without losing any muscle

Part Three

  • Start a WELL-FORMULATED Ketogenic diet
  • The BEST FOODS TO EAT for keto
  • Break BAD HABITS and build GOOD ONES
  • TRANSITION OFF a ketogenic diet


  • 10 energizing and satiating BREAKFASTS of CHAMPIONS
  • 10 soothing and amazing DINNER RECIPES
  • 10 mouthwatering and delicious KETO DESSERTS
  • QUICK and EASY snacking options
  • A 21 DAY KETO MEAL PLAN with both low and high calorie options
  • What to eat in EXACT QUANTITIES and AMOUNTS
  • Complete FASTING FORMULA with exact days when to fast and feast

The FREE bonus covers...

  • What are the best ways to improve your health FAST.
  • How to REDUCE disease and inflammation.
  • The SECRET COCKTAIL to drink for Superhuman health and performance.
  • How to PREVENT getting sick or tired.
  • The HIDDEN sources of your disease.
  • What to do for RADIATING energy and appearance. 

Here's What You'll Be Getting
From KETO // IF:

  • The ENTIRE 587-PAGE KETO // IF PDF that includes...
  • Everything you need to KNOW ABOUT KETOSIS
  • A list of the EXACT foods you should eat and what not to
  • Graphs showing you SPECIFIC quantities and amounts of food you should eat
  • Diagrams teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition
  • The SECRETS OF FASTING and how to do it on keto
  • A 15-page section of EXTRAS with nutritional and hormonal information of foods
  • 40+ recipes that include BREAKFAST, MAIN COURSE, DESSERT and SNACKS
  • A sample CUSTOM meal plan you can eat for 21 days without getting tired

Yes, You Read That Correctly!

If, for any mysterious reason you aren't 100% SATISFIED with the results you get from KETO // IF and implementing the hidden body empowering eating strategies that are proven to be extremely effective, then... Simply request a refund within 60 DAYS of your purchase and I'll give you your money back. Although I strongly doubt that you'll be having any regrets, as it will work for anyone, if done correctly.

Here's What You Need to Do

Click the ADD TO CART button to get started...

As soon as you complete your purchase you'll get access to download the KETO // IF material. It will happen almost instantly and you can immediately start working on it. 

Click the ADD TO CART button
and let me teach YOU how to start a well-formulated ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and become Superhuman.

Get the Life-Enhancing and Fat Burning



21-Day Meal Plan

For ONLY $65.00 $39

Secured and Trusted Payment via PAYPAL and CLICKBANK

Instant Digital Access and Download

60-Day Money Back GUARANTEE.

Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend for your health?
You can accomplish a lot by doing very little.

If you still have some doubts of concerns, then don't worry. It's natural and completely normal. You've been fed the dogmatic and highly inflammatory standard western diet that leaves you fatigued and with brain fog. Your stronger and more energized YOU+ version is still running on glucose and trapped in glycation.

To unleash your higher potential, all you have to do is follow your intuition and take the red pill. You won't regret it, as you'll be revitalized from your slumber. Afterwards, you'll never want to go back again to your old ways of eating. Take the plunge and transform your life completely.


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