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KETO CARB CYCLE Meal Plan Siim Land

You’ve probably tried out countless diet programs and nutrition plans. Atkins, Paleo, Veganism, Keto – there are too many to count them all…Some of them work great but some less so.

Why is it that some diets fail miserably?

  • The person can’t seem to LOSE THAT last bit of BLUBBER around their waistline nor shrink those love handles.
  • They’re just SUFFERING HARD and nearing the point of starvation, both physical and mental.
  • Their relationship with food has MADE THEM OBSESSED with calories, macros, carbs, and mMol-s.

Even if they do manage to make some progress, all their efforts will go down the drain after the diet ends.

  • They’ve deprived themselves for so long that they just BINGE EAT all their weight back.
  • Their new obsessive eating habits STOP THEM FROM ENJOYING FOOD. It doesn’t taste the same as it used to…
  • Because of dieting too hard, they’ve WRECKED THEIR METABOLISM and still have to eat sparingly to maintain their body composition.
  • All their FRIENDS and FAMILY HAVE FORGOTTEN THEM because they’re the one who’s constantly on a diet.

Let me tell you why this is so…

None of the diet programs out there consider ONE CRUCIAL COMPONENT of any plan.


Each and every one of us has a different genetic makeup, heritage, cultural background, personal history with food, medical conditions, lifestyle and body composition goals.

If we’re all so vastly different, then our approach to food should also vary.

That’s why you would want to have a diet program that allows you to structure it according to your TIME and PREFERENCE.

Let’s Rewind to Keto

But before I go any further, I have to tell you my story and how I came across this particular way of eating.

You’ve probably heard of the ketogenic diet. It’s a low carb high fat diet that shifts your body into a state of nutritional ketosis.


In a nutshell, ketosis is a metabolic state, in which the body has shifted from using glucose as the primary fuel source into supplying its energy demands with ketone bodies.


Both carbohydrates and fats can be used for energy, but they’re different in quality. However, in the presence of both,

However, in the presence of both, the body will always prefer the former because sugar can be easily accessed and quickly absorbed. To get the most out of the latter, there needs to be a period of keto-adaptation.

The ketogenic diet has received a lot of publicity and there are some who stick to it religiously. There’s still a lot of controversy over the health aspects of keto but we cannot deny its sheer effectiveness and that it works.

More and more evidence is showing that low carb ketogenic dieting is extremely beneficial for obese or diabetic people who are trying to lose weight or manage their blood sugar. Also, there seem to be many other improvements on biomarkers, satiety, and longevity even in healthy subjects.

Surprise, surprise! The big fat lie is out – fat isn’t bad for you.


The commonsensical view on weight loss is based on ‘calories in vs calories out’, meaning, obese people eat too much and exercise too little. Fortunately, there’s now enough evidence, showing that this is mythology belonging to the past.

Why Eat Less Move More Doesn’t Work

The reason is, it’s based on a false idea about how our bodies work and use calories. It looks at it as if all calories were equal in terms of nutritional value and the way they get metabolized.

This is the “calories in versus calories out” type of approach that is completely false and could work only in our wildest dreams.

The real situation is this: our body uses two distinct ways to store energy in the body. They are carbohydrates in the form of glycogen and triglycerides as body fat.

There’s also a huge difference between 200 calories from let’s say broccoli and 200 calories from white rice because they get metabolized differently. 

Weight loss plateaus occur because of homeostasis – the body adapts to the new conditions.

If you maintain a REDUCED CALORIC INTAKE for some time, then your metabolism declines to match the reduced intake. As a result, you reach a new set point of caloric balance and need to DECREASE IT AGAIN to keep making progress.

The key hormone when it comes to body composition is insulin, which regulates the storage and distribution of nutrients. If it’s constantly elevated, then we won’t be able to burn fat and will actually be more prone to depositing it. That is why we would want to keep it low for the majority of the day. If you want to lose fat, then from a physiological perspective, it doesn’t make sense to eat high-carb meals several times per day. 

Insulin gets released in response to rising blood sugar levels so that it could bring it down to normal. This happens most by consuming high amounts of carbohydrates, very little by lean protein and not at all by fat.

High carb diets make ‘lipase’ – the enzyme involved in breaking down body fat – almost completely inactive. By triggering insulin, you put a HARSH STOP TO BURNING FAT for the rest of the day and possibly even the next one to come.

Therefore, the secret to melting off body fat is to keep insulin levels low and restrict carbohydrate intake.

The Dark Side of Keto

However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Keto-Land…

When I first tried the ketogenic diet, I had a hell of a time. Not because it was great, but because it took a lot of time and effort for me to adapt to it completely.

As you start restricting your carbohydrate intake, you’ll get ‘KETO FLU’ with several withdrawal symptoms and other problems. To name a few of them:

  • BRAIN FOG and mental fatigue
  • LOW ENERGY and physical exhaustion
  • Irritable MOOD DISORDERS
  • The feeling of being HIT WITH A CLUB
  • MINERAL DEFICIENCIES, most popular of which are iodine, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin-K.

The most common problem people experience is LOW THYROID.

What is the thyroid? It’s an organ, located in our throat, and it regulates our metabolism and hormones. 

When you first go on a ketogenic diet, your thyroid functioning can severely plummet, preventing you from losing any weight and potentially causing METABOLIC DAMAGE.

That’s what happened to me as well…I suffered.

Additionally, my physical performance didn’t excel either. Even though burning fat for fuel is great for some exercises, it’s not optimal for others.

Your body doesn’t need carbs – it’s the only non-essential macronutrient. But it doesn’t hurt to use glucose in some instances to get a boost in training.

So, I’ve learned from my mistakes and learned:

  • How to OPTIMIZE THE KETOGENIC DIET, as to avoid all the negative side-effects
  • Managed to ADD CARBS into my nutrition plan
  • While still MAINTAINING KETOSIS the majority of time.

We’re back full circle…

Although I think that the ketogenic diet is one of the most SUSTAINABLE and HEALTHIEST WAYS OF EATING out there…and science is revealing more and more evidence saying the same…it may not be optimal all the time.


But it can reach its toll…

We live in a society full of carbs. There are vending machines, an abundance of breads, starches, and fruit everywhere.

Eating keto in a world of sugar is EASIER THAN YOU’D THINK. It’s become more socially acceptable to swap out potatoes for some steamed vegetables in a restaurant and choose a low carb coconut flour cake in the cafeteria. So, you can stay in ketosis even amidst glucose.


I personally wouldn’t mind eating delicious bacon and eggs with spinach and butter all day every day. BUT there are other delicious foods that might not be ketogenic but healthy nonetheless.

The Keto Carb Cycle program allows you to GET THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS – you get your steak, you get your cake and you get to eat both of them. 

The Steak and Cake Diet

But this program teaches you something a lot more important than palatability.

Metabolic Flexibility refers to the body’s ability to use different fuel sources in various circumstances. If you’re exercising, then you’re burning either glucose or fat, depending on the intensity of your movements.

To AVOID BONKING, whether that be during your workouts, or when you accidentally consume some carbohydrates, you want your metabolism to maintain its ability to burn both carbs and fat. Whatever suits the situation.

More importantly, what I should eat today is not necessarily always the same as what I ate yesterday nor should eat tomorrow. That is why we have to remember that our bodies are in constant motion – our energy demands, activity levels and nutritional requirements are shifting as we speak.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution that seems to circumvent most of the issues.

KETO CARB CYCLE Meal Plan Siim Land

Here’s What You Will Get from KETO Carb Cycle:

  • Make yourself HEALTHY AGAIN
  • Improve your biomarkers
  • Reverse some of the medical conditions you might have
  • Prevent or battle diabetes
  • Protect yourself against cancer, tumors and other diseases
  • Increase your longevity and life-span
  • Burn as much fat as you want
  • Heal your gut and repair your hormones
  • Start building some lean muscle
  • Give yourself an abundance of energy
  • Always feel satiated and amazing
  • Not feel deprived of food or essential nutrients
  • Eat delicious food until you’re satisfied

It’s called the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD)

Basically, you eat keto for a certain time and then occasionally eat carbs again. Simple as that and it works.

The Keto Carb Cycle Program is designed to follow the cyclical approach to low carb dieting and can be used by practically everyone. I mean, you get to eat both ketogenic as well as regular food, while getting the best of both worlds. Sounds great, where do I sign up?

But first, let me introduce myself as well.

My name is Siim Land – I’m a holistic health practitioner, a writer, a self-experimenter and a high-performance coach. In essence, I’m the ultimate creative force of my life, taking massive action towards living to my full potential while having fun and empowering others at the same time. 

The ketogenic diet found its way into my repertoire in May 2015 and I’ve been in ketosis – at least in some degree – for nearly 2 years. My expertise stems from constant research, rigorous self-experimentation, disciplined training, and consistency.

I’ve tried out different nutritional strategies for a long time but I’ve never found anything that’s quite as effective as The Keto Carb Cycle. Every time I default back to it I discover something new about my body’s ability to burn sheer amounts of fat while still being able to build muscle.

By combining keto and carb cycling, I’ve managed to:

  • Improve my physical abilities by building PURELY LEAN MUSCLE with virtually zero fat gain;
  • Enhanced my cognitive performance by making myself MENTALLY SHARPER and focused;
  • Made myself have an ABUNDANCE OF ENERGY all day every day no matter the time or place.

To be honest, I feel Superhuman because I can do what others can’t do and say that I’m not capable of doing.

A lot of what’s written here is highly controversial amongst mainstream health and fitness advice.

  • First of all, the villainizing of fat and constant eating has led the majority of the population to become obese and diseased.
  • Secondly, low carb advocates have also fallen into the same trap of blaming it all on carbohydrates.

Fortunately, you’ve found this program and can easily empower your physiology to a much more powerful and efficient state. In my opinion, carb cycling on a ketogenic diet is the Holy Grail of high performance, longevity, and well-being.

Get the Metabolically Flexible and Optimally Nutritious



30-Day Meal Plan


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Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend for your health?
You can accomplish a lot by doing very little.

KETO Carb Cycle is Structured as Follows:

Part One

  • Fundamentals of Metabolism and Nutrition
  • What is Nutritional Ketosis
  • Why Go on a Ketogenic Diet
  • Re-Introducing the Carb Paradigm
  • The Standard Cyclical Ketogenic Diet
  • Who Should Do the Cyclical Ketogenic Diet

Part Two

  • How to Get Into Ketosis
  • How to Know You’re In Ketosis
  • How to Do the Keto Carb Cycle
  • How Many Carbs to Eat
  • Why Skip Breakfast
  • What Mistakes to Avoid
  • How to Use Exogenous Ketones

Part Three

  • What Changes You Need to Make
  • The Best Foods on Keto
  • The Best Foods on Refeeds
  • How to Schedule Your Carb Cycles
  • How to Create New Eating Habits
  • What Supplements You Need to Take

Part Four

  • Keto Carb Cycle Cookbook
  • 10 Breakfast Recipes
  • 10 Dinner Recipes
  • 10 Dessert Recipes
  • 10 Snacking Recipes
  • 10 Carb Refeed Recipes
  • 30-Day Keto Carb Cycle Meal Plan

download (2)

The FREE bonus covers…

  • What are the best ways to improve your health FAST.
  • How to REDUCE disease and inflammation.
  • The SECRET COCKTAIL to drink for Superhuman health and performance.
  • How to PREVENT getting sick or tired.
  • The HIDDEN sources of your disease.
  • What to do for RADIATING energy and appearance.

Keto Carb Cycle Meal Plan 3D Siim Land

Here’s What You’ll Be Getting

  • The ENTIRE 542-PAGE KETO CARB CYCLE PDF that includes…
  • Everything you need to KNOW ABOUT KETOSIS and CARB CYCLING
  • A list of the EXACT foods you should eat and what not to
  • Graphs showing you SPECIFIC quantities and amounts of food you should eat
  • Diagrams teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know about nutrition
  • The SECRETS OF CARB CYCLING and how to do it on keto
  • A 15-page section of EXTRAS with nutritional and hormonal information of foods
  • 50+ recipes that include BREAKFAST, MAIN COURSE, DESSERT and SNACKS
  • A sample CUSTOM meal plan you can eat for 30-days without getting tired

Yes, You Read That Correctly!

If, for any mysterious reason you aren’t 100% SATISFIED with the results you get from KETO CARB CYCLE and implementing the hidden body empowering eating strategies that are proven to be extremely effective, then… Simply request a refund within 60 DAYS of your purchase and I’ll give you your money back. Although I strongly doubt that you’ll be having any regrets, as it will work for anyone, if done correctly.

Here’s What You Need to Do

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Get the Metabolically Flexible and Optimally Nutritious



30-Day Meal Plan


Secured and Trusted Payment via PAYPAL and CLICKBANK

Instant Digital Access and Download

60-Day Money Back GUARANTEE.

Ask yourself: How much are you willing to spend for your health?
You can accomplish a lot by doing very little.

If you still have some doubts of concerns, then don’t worry. It’s natural and completely normal. You’ve been fed the dogmatic and highly inflammatory standard western diet that leaves you fatigued and with brain fog. Your stronger and more energized YOU+ version is still running on glucose and trapped in glycation.

To unleash your higher potential, all you have to do is follow your intuition and take the red pill. You won’t regret it, as you’ll be revitalized from your slumber. Afterwards, you’ll never want to go back again to your old ways of eating. Take the plunge and transform your life completely.


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