Innate Productivity – How to Become Productive by Nature and Follow Your Purpose

Siim Land

How the hell can some people accomplish so much more than others? Have they somehow managed to find a wormhole that warps time into infinity? Do they simply have more hours in a day and thus can create temporal shifts? I don’t know…maybe…but what I’m going to share with you here is a concept called innate productivity, which may give you at least some explanations.

How to Be More Productive for Life

Getting things done isn’t the end-all-be-all. However, it’s still important to be able to do so, if you were to see your dreams come into fruition. It doesn’t matter how much positive energy you attract through intention, if there isn’t enough action that would turn your desires into reality.

Most people have a misconception about getting what they want. They think one of the two things:

  • (a) they’re unable to accomplish their dreams because that only happens in Hollywood movies and fairytales
  • (b) they should be given their desires immediately, no questions asked, and that others are somehow causing their current state of un-fulfillment.

Both of them are false because they base the outcome on external circumstances, whereas your entire reality is solely dependent of your own mindset and how much effort are you willing to put in.

The Secret to Becoming More Productive

The most precious resource of your life is time. It’s the currency of life we don’t want to be wasting by any means. Every moment is something that you’ll never be able to get back – it’s already gone. Therefore, you want to make sure that you don’t spend any unnecessary energy on thinking nor acting on nothing but your real purpose in life.

To be more productive, you can’t expect to increase the amount of time in a day through sheer manipulation of the sands of time. Instead, you have to approach it from the opposite direction. Because it’s finite, you have to allocate less energy to the tasks that don’t serve you and more to the ones that do.

In essence – don’t do pointless shit that doesn’t have any greater meaning but focus solely on your purpose

It’s also about being productive in the right channels. Being simply busy and getting things done is worthless if it doesn’t make you feel fulfilled. Imagine yourself working for some random company for 20 years who’s core values are completely the opposite to yours. Because you spend all your time at doing their stuff, you don’t have enough to do your own. Instead of pursuing the dreams of others, you should follow your own intuition and do what you know you’re meant to do.

What ensues is a state of mind that should make you omni-motivated. If you know that what you’re doing is moving closer to your purpose fulfilled, then you would always be willing to put in as much effort as necessary despite the time or place. But that only happens if you’ve discovered what you truly want and have acknowledged the sacrifices you need to make. Otherwise you’re simply fooling yourself and wasting it.

Innate Productivity

This is a concept, which I call innate productivity. What it basically means is being industrious by nature and getting things done, because the activities you do make up who you are. The motivation needed to fuel your mindset comes from the disciplined desire to accomplish your dreams and the immense amounts of production that you put out is derived from your focused action-taking.

It’s about loving the things you do so much that you can’t help but to put immense amounts of effort into them. You begin to work constantly at your own thing not because of grinding through day and night, but because of having intrinsic motivation to do the activity just for its own sake and improve upon it through innately productive hustle. (Click to Tweet)

Who Are Innately Productive?

The greatest creative geniuses of the world were innately productive. For the most part, they didn’t need an external reason for working on their craft – they were intrinsically hooked.

Mozart composed more than 600 works despite having lived only until 35. He managed to pull it off because of starting his career at early adolescence and having a lot of extra time for practice. As an adult, he usually worked long and hard – day and night – sleeping just a few hours and finished his compositions at a tremendous pace. I don’t know anything about writing symphonies, but it’s probably very difficult – he was like a machine.

Another example would be Leonardo da Vinci who was a polymath with an even wider range of interests, including invention, painting, sculpting, architecture, anatomy, science, mathematics, engineering and much more. What’s even more intriguing is that he excelled at all of those vocations. He was a master of all his crafts and a genius in all of them. How the hell did he pull that off? Was he some sort of a superhuman with access to divine brain power and artistic skill? Who the hell knows, but his intrinsic curiosity of the world and his insatiable thirst for knowledge made him innately productive. He just followed his intuition down the deepest of rabbit holes and discovered his creative genius.

How to Become Innately Productive

This stems from the foundation of knowing thyself – who you really are as a person, what gets you going and what are you passionate about. Once you know yourself and your calling, it shouldn’t take you almost any willpower to be productive – it’s innate to your character and in an alignment with your higher purpose.

Someone who is intrinsically motivated to improve their craft and pursue their calling is called an autotelic person. It’s about doing the thing because of loving it without needing a big enough of a reason to do it, but nevertheless trying to improve and reach mastery. This means that they are able to enter flow more easily, which is the superhuman state of our mind that warps time into the void and allows us to create magnificent work.

You wouldn’t wonder why Mozart wrote so much or ask Leonardo does he get sick of his work? They get so much stuff done because of spending the majority of their time on their calling. They’re on duty 24/7 because of having a higher purpose and committing to it entirely – they dedicate their soul to the craft.

It’s not a matter of time, but a matter of priorities. If something is important to you then you will always make enough room for it. Having too many things to do means that you’re simply spreading yourself too thin. You must focus and concentrate on your thing. Practice the art of Via Negativa – the art of adding to your life by subtracting from it – to narrow down you attention to your ultimate purpose.

Innate Discipline

Innate productivity also includes discipline. This yet again is derived from knowing thyself and having a greater ideal. Granted there will definitely be low tides of motivation and less productivity, but the artist acknowledges that and manages to keep cultivating his craft in spite of it. It’s not that you’ll never feel tired, it’s more like being able to ignore it.

If you follow your passion, you’ll gain more energy from doing it. Your just so enthusiastic and motivated all the time that you begin to need less rest and can easily go through long periods of deep work with Jedi-like concentration.

Being disciplined means that you’re true to who you are as a person, having certain core values and going for your full potential. It’s a trait that comes from higher levels of consciousness and meta-awareness.

If you’re truly on the right path towards achieving your purpose and personal greatness, then you shouldn’t get unmotivated because of doing the necessary work. Much rather, lack of motivation is more often than not caused by external circumstances, such as the weather, the moods of other people, what you ate, how much sleep you got and other things that zap your energy. Knowing that and being conscious of them will give you access to more willpower to simply do what you want to accomplish because the center of your reality lies within you. Discipline then becomes joyful, as it gives you the freedom to live.

Discover Your Purpose and Start Living an Extraordinary Life

You might wonder how to discover your calling and start living for a greater purpose? This is indeed a difficult yet quintessential question, but it’s super-simple to answer. Simple, but not easy, that is. The answer lies already within us, we just have to know ourselves and do a lot of self-enquiry.

Living an extraordinary life means that we’re going through an amazing hero’s journey towards the greatest being of ourselves. It’s an Odyssey of Body, Mind and Spirit that involves self-actualization and providing your unique talents towards the betterment of the world.

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