7 Ways How to Waste Less Time (Stop Wasting Time and Do More of What You Love)

Siim Land

THE most valuable resource of your life – TIME. You don’t want to waste time and this article gives you 7 ways to waste less time.

Manage Your Time, Manage Your Life

Managing your time begins with prioritization and doing more of what gives you more results or what you want to do less.

But there are many potential, even dangerous ways to waste time on things that are not important or that you could spend a lot less time doing.

I’m going to give you 7 ways to waste less time

#1 Prioritize

The most fundamental premise of time management is prioritization – focusing on what’s most important.

A lot of time gets wasted on things, projects, hobbies, commitments and habits that don’t contribute to what you want to accomplish.

You have to get your priorities straight – hack away all the unessential and focus only on the vital few not the dispensable many.

There’s also a big difference between effectiveness and efficiency.

  • Being effective is about doing the right thingi.e. your micro-focused actions leading to your macro-purpose.
  • Being efficient is about doing things right. You can be very good at mopping the floor or typing really fast but it doesn’t mean you’re getting any closer to what you want. Such skill! Teach me, sensei!

The core idea is that you have to focus on doing the right things – the things you want to accomplish – as well as possible as to save time and energy.

Once you’ve figured out your priorities, you would want to spend the majority of your efforts on the top of your list because that’s what feeds you the most.

#2 Eat Less Frequently

Speaking of things that feed you, Intermittent fasting is a great way to stop wasting time.

How much time do you spend on buying groceries, cooking food, meal prepping and eating it? A whole lot, I’m sure.

You really don’t need to eat any more than 2 times a day. Any more than that begs the question, is food just another distraction and a means of procrastination?

Whatever the case may be, you’ll still be better off eating less frequently rather than doing it more often. We all have tens and thousands of calories stored on us at all times and by practicing intermittent fasting we’re teaching our body to burn more fat for fuel.

#3 Avoid Distractions

Food can be distracting for a lot of people, but there are many other potential dangers that could rob us of our precious time lurking all around us.

What I’m talking about are the temptations of social media, the news feed of Reddit, e-mail, notifications and blings on your smartphone. They’re just random stimuli that 99% of the time are irrelevant.

It’s not even amusing to mindlessly scroll through Facebook, liking posts or articles you haven’t even read. You’re doing it just to get a short dopamine rush and a feeling of fleeting fulfillment. But that feeling vanishes as fast as you get the next pop-up and you’re distracted again.

And this applies to everything – extra-curricular activities, meetings, events, activities, and people are all distractions. Unless they serve you or your cause.

I’m not telling you to hack away the people around you. What I’m saying is that you should have a certain period every day where you do undisturbed work with no distractions – the stuff that really matters to you and the mark you want to have on the world. You can still make time for amusement and entertainment but it mustn’t be done at the expense of your greater goals. Purpose first, pleasure second. I like that quote.

#4 Stop Multi-Tasking

And one way of gaining more time for doing the things you really love to do is to be more effective with your task management, not time management. It’s how you execute the activities that are on top of your prioritized list.

Multi-tasking is highly ineffective. You can’t really do it. What you’re really doing is swapping in between tasks and spreading your attention too thin between too many distractions. Every time you switch, your brain hits a reset wall and you have to reclaim your focus.

It’s much more effective to hone in hard on one single activity at a time. This way you’ll get it over with faster and can consider it as complete, whereas with having several things to do slows down how fast you get them done but it also distracts your mind more.

However, multi-tasking can work with some activities.

  • Don’t do it with complex cognitive tasks, like programming, writing, maths, being creative or brainstorming.
  • Use it on stuff that mix complexity and simplicity. Listen to audiobooks while walking, make a cup of coffee while thinking about your creative project

#5 Stop Ruminating

Most important for not wasting time on doing useless things, activities or people is to not think about them.

Everyone gets negative self-talk, at least every once in a while, and everyone feels negative emotions. That’s fine. You can’t get rid of them completely, but what you can and must do is to not ruminate over them.

If I say to you don’t think about the pink elephant, you’ll probably start thinking about it. Your monkey mind just can’t help it.

Whatever you focus on begins to grow and spread like a virus until it’s all you see.

  • Stop thinking about your mistakes, learn from them and move on.
  • Don’t go through those embarrassing situations you had in the past.Throw them out.
  • Ignore your negative self-talk and limiting beliefs.
  • Focus on what you want to accomplish and who you want to become.

#6 Create a NOT-To-Do List

Herein, it’s a good idea to create your not-to-do list – a list of activities that are non-negotiable and what you want to avoid at all costs. I got his idea from Tim Ferriss, the grandmaster of personal effectiveness.

Put ruminating over negativity into the list, but also include other things like:

  • Not checking e-mail any more than once a day.
  • Not turning on social media until you have done at least a few hours of deep work.
  • Not eating until it’s noon.
  • Not adding more possible distractions into your life, if you know that it’s not important.
  • Not multi-tasking when you’re doing your deep work.
  • Not chewing gum if you know you’ll get distracted.

Everyone has their own weaknesses. You get the point.

#7 Delegate

Lastly, you would also want to delegate as much of your activities as you can. If someone else can do something better than you, then chances are, you’ll be better off asking them to do it, instead of wasting time on trying to figure it out yourself.

  • Call the plumber, for crying out loud.
  • Hire a consultant for your business.
  • Buy online courses and products about the skills you need to develop

Don’t try to do things you have no skill in.

Either outsource them complete or hire a coach to teach you.

Protect your time and stop wasting it. It’s your currency of existence.

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