How to Hack Your Sleep with These 4 Sleep Hacks

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Did you know that if you sleep around 8-9 hours per night, then you’re spending about 40% of your life in bed? If you use these 3 sleep hacks you can hack your sleep and spend less time sleeping.

Are You Sleeping Your Life Away?

I know sleep is incredibly important for health and vitality but that number is still quite crazy. Sleeping more won’t improve the quality of your life – doing it better will.

I’m going to share with you X sleep hacks that will improve the quality of your sleep so you could get more sleep out of less time spent in bed. They’ll make you sleep faster.

#1 Block Out Blue Light

Our body has a built-in circadian clock that’s connected to the day and night cycles of the planet. It governs different metabolic and hormonal processes that all have a massive impact on your health and vitality.

Sleep Hack Your Circadian Rhythms
Sleep Hack Your Circadian Rhythms

Examples of circadian mismatches are poor sleep quality, insomnia, not being able to fall asleep, increased stress and anxiety.

The most crucial component of circadian signaling is light. Your eyes receive the light photons coming from the environment and direct it to the pineal gland in the brain which then sends out messages throughout the entire body.

Melatonin is the main sleep hormone that makes you more sleepy and prepares you for the coming night.

  • Blue light coming from your smartphone, computer screen, TV or lamp inhibit melatonin secretion and may even suppress it for the coming hours.
  • Red light spectrum frequencies, on the other hand, don’t seem to have this effect because of resembling the natural sunset and fires.
Melatonin and Light Frequencies
Melatonin and Light Frequencies

This is the main cause of your poor night’s sleep and apnea.

How to Block Out Blue Light

All blue light isn’t bad for you – normally you’d get it directly from the sun in the earlier parts of the day around 10 AM – 1 PM. That’s the time you actually need to get outside so that your master clock would be in sync with the circadian rhythms.

The problem is that after the light bulb, our society has become illuminated by its penetrating glow. We can create an artificial situation where our brains think that we’re on the equator all the time. This technological enlightenment can lead to our biological detriment.

We shouldn’t stop using technology for developing ourselves as a species, instead, we can biohack our environment to avoid the negative side-effects of misplaced blue light.

To not offset your circadian rhythm and sleep like crap, you have to:

  • Get exposure to natural sunlight in the morning
  • Go outside throughout the day when it’s sunny
  • If you can’t go outdoors or if it’s cloudy, then you can use the Human Charger. It’s this device that blasts UV light into your ears. This sends blue light directly to the pineal gland. I’ve used it for jet lag, for increasing my alertness and it maybe it potentially trigger vitamin d synthesis, although I highly doubt it.
  • Install a program called F.lux on your computer and smartphone. This will reduce the blue light that’s coming from your screen to orange and reddish.
  • Wear a pair of blue light blocking glasses in the evening. Even though any light on the skin can decrease melatonin production, 90% of circadian signaling is still transmitted through the retinas. So, the glasses are definitely worth it.
  • You would also want to duct tape the various blinking lights in your house, like the smoke detector, central heating, and the TV
  • When you go to the bathroom at night have your blueblockers nearby and don’t let the streetlights shine into your bedroom

Your bedroom has to resemble a real sleeping cave with pitch black darkness and slightly lower temperatures. It’s better to sleep in a colder environment because it puts you into a more parasympathetic state.

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It’s the least you can do to have a healthy circadian rhythm.

#2 Apple Cider Vinegar

Drinking apple cider vinegar daily has many health benefits, starting from reduced inflammation, elimination of infections and ending with lower triglycerides.

Drinking apple cider vinegar before bed can also make you sleep better.

How does this work?

  • ACV will stabilize blood sugar and lowers insulin, which will help you to fall asleep faster and prevents you from getting up at night
  • ACV will alleviate indigestion, constipation and bloating issues. It can also cure acid reflux
  • ACV will prevent cramps at night because of containing some potassium

How to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar to Sleep Better

You should consume some ACV before you eat anything during the day as well.

However, to not fill up your bladder before the night you don’t want to be drinking a whole lot of it in the evening. This will just wake you up because of having to go to the bathroom. Not a good strategy…

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#3 Deep Tissue Massage

The reason why some people can’t seem to fall asleep at night is that their bodies have built up immense amounts of stress during the day. That stress all gets stored in their fascia and muscles.

The fascia is like one massive organ that covers your entire body – all of your ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles are connected to this.

Inflammation, pain, working out, being sedentary, sitting a lot and even mental trauma can cause stiffening of the fascia. This will lead to lack of mobility, back pain, poor form and a whole lot of risk for potential injury. One day you’re going to try and pick up a bag from the ground and you just snap your back – oops…

Tight fascia also decreases the quality of your sleep. Being stiff not only makes you uncomfortable but also puts a constant invisible stressor on your body – you’re creating more and more mental cortisol out of this.

How to Self-Massage Yourself

To really become limb and mobile again, you’d want to have a deep tissue massage every once in a while.

You can also use a foam roller to knead out the tight knots and hotspots in your muscles before bed. Doing some stretching and light yoga can also make you more relaxed.

Keep in mind that tightness in one area may indicate a problem in a completely different region. For instance, tight hips can cause back pain because you’re compromising your form. Elbow pain may also be caused by tight pecks or shoulders.

If you exercise then you’re more prone to experiencing muscle soreness. But to prevent injuries, you’d want to practice good form and not use more resistance if you can’t handle it.

Working out to muscle failure all the time will also create more lactic acid, that’s going to keep you sore and tight for many days. You don’t need to hit the point where you can’t even move the weights anymore to build muscle – as a natural steroid free lifter you want to focus on progressive overload by simply getting stronger at the key lifts.

#4 Magnesium

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals and it partakes in millions of biochemical reactions inside the human body. Your nervous system, cells, organs, and muscles need magnesium for nerves to fire and function properly.

Magnesium intake can help you to relax and improve your sleep if taken before bed. Not enough magnesium can actually inhibit sleep and cause insomnia.

You should get at least 400 mg of magnesium every day but most people are magnesium deficient.

To prevent magnesium deficiencies:

  • Eat cruciferous vegetables and dark leafy greens
  • Get some avocados, low carb berries, wild caught fish, and pumpkin seeds
  • Make sure you get enough quality salt into your diet as well to prevent muscle cramps. Pink Himalayan rock salt has more magnesium than regular salt
  • Take a magnesium supplement in the evening
  • Try having an Epson bath with magnesium salts because the most bioavailable form of absorbing magnesium is through the skin

What I like to do is have my salt lamp around my bed as it improves the air quality in the room and generates some negative ions.

BONUS Sleep Hack

As a bonus, I’m going to tell you that if you want to really hack your sleep and get more sleep from fewer hours of sleep, then you have to track the quality of it as well.

Using sleep quantification devices are great for understanding how certain habits and practices change the way you sleep. Food, light, temperature, the pillow, exercise, and mental stress can all affect how you sleep.

I’m using the OURA ring that is a wearable sleep tracker. It’s incredibly accurate and it has the airplane mode which prevents Bluetooth signaling from disrupting your sleep as well.

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Hack Your Sleep, Improve Your Life

These are the sleeping hacks I’m going to share with you today. Sleep is indeed the most important thing for your health.

You can get away with eating junk, you can get away with not exercising, but you can’t get away with neglecting sleep for too long. It’s going to come back at you and then it doesn’t matter that you saved a few extra hours of waking time because it’ll decrease the length of your overall life.

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