How to Get Up In the Morning if You’re Struggling With Sleeping In

Siim Land

Are you the kind of person who can’t get up in the morning? Are you snoozing in on your goals and life? ENOUGH! Read how to get up in the morning ASAP.

We’ve All Been There

Let’s admit it, being between your warm blankets and pillows is quite comfortable. Even so cozy that you’d want to spend all your day there without ever getting up. But this is a huge trap played by your subconscious mind that’s trying to anchor you in your comfort zone bliss.

Here’s what a typical scenario looks like “Aahhh, it’s morning already?!? Gosh…I should get up, but I don’t want to – it’s haaardd and uncomfortable.” And on and on until you either fall asleep again or someone drags you out of bed.

Psychologically, not wanting to get up is the same as not wanting to stop eating junk food. They follow different reward pathways in the brain, but the pleasure aspect matches completely. You’re experiencing sensation and comfort that you don’t want to give up – you’re attached to it because it feels so good.

So, if you want to accomplish great things or if you are struggling with bad habits, you need to get up ASAP after you open your eyes.

“Why I Can’t Get Up in the Morning”

That’s the secret here, you have to do this without even thinking about it. The longer you stay in your bed, the harder it will get. One moment you’re thinking of cuddling up for just a minute and at another, you’ve drifted off to Wonderland and end up sleeping in for an hour.

Understand that the way you wake up is purely habitual. You open your eyes, stretch yourself and stay there just because you’ve wired your brain to be like that.

You don’t even want the coziness or the softness of your pillows. What your mind really wants is to avoid the strenuous process of changing and getting uncomfortable. That’s what’s causing you resistance – not waking up, but going into conflict with your habitual neural patterns.

And the way to start loving getting up is to reconstruct the neural network of your brain.

How do you do that?

By getting up faster.

“I get up in the morning and piss excellence”

Neuroplasticity is a constant process. The more you have certain reactions, do certain things, have certain habits, the more you will exhibit them in the future. And staying in bed for longer than you should enforces the habit of staying there even longer the next morning. If you even get up, that is.

Understanding this is crucial. This should be scary enough of a motivation to re-consider all your behaviour.

For me at least, remembering this is enough to get up right away. I don’t even spend a minute thinking about it anymore because I’ve engraved this proactive reaction into my brain. I’m biased towards getting out of bed fast because that’s how my brain works.

But what are some other ways to force or trick yourself to get up?

How to Get Up In the Morning

I’m not perfect and I sometimes indeed stay a few minutes longer in bed than I should. When it does happen, I quickly use some of these techniques to wake up while I still can.

  • Don’t even think about it – As soon as you open your eyes, roll out of bed. This way your monkey mind won’t get a chance to create negative self-talk and procrastination. Okay, jumping right out of bed onto the floor isn’t necessary because you might pull your back or something. Have a nice stretch and then jolt out.
  • Ask yourself ‘WHY’ – Why do you want to get up? You maybe have some goals or a bigger reason to work towards. In that case, it shouldn’t be a problem at all to choose between your greater purpose and a few extra minutes of slumber. If you remember why you do something, you can get instantly motivated by the results you’ll eventually get, but only if you wake up first, that is.
  • Remind yourself neuroplasticity – This is crucial because you wanting to sleep in is a habit – it’s a neural pattern and not bound to who you really are. Every moment spent in bed conditions your brain to prefer it in the future. Every decision you make ultimately creates the person you are.
  • Move your body – Throw away the blanket and start doing jumping jacks, push-ups or immediately take a cold shower. This will get you out of your head and pumps blood into your muscles. After that you’ll have more energy and desire to do things, instead of sleep.

A Reason to Get Up in the Morning

Ultimately, you have to choose who you want to be as a person, what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to do it.

I don’t know about you but I haven’t heard of many people who have changed the world while sleeping in their bed. Maybe there are, tell me if so…

But you need to realize that getting the life you desire requires you to accept the necessary effort needed to make it happen.

All of your thoughts and actions have consequences and to change your results, you have to change your behaviour.

Get Up and Get After It!

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