How To Do Things With No Motivation

Siim Land

All days are not created equal. Apart from the differences in weather or the calender they are also distinctive in our minds aswell. The way we perceive and approach them depends a lot on how we feel. Sometimes we are groggy, tired, weary, apathetic – simply put we have no motivation whatsoever.

When that happens crawling into a fetal position and just sleeping might seem like a viable option.

Our reptilian brain will find any reason to take a day off and just rest. Anything that involves a lot of effort such as training, studying, becoming a self-empowered being seems dreadful.

The reason for that feeling of resistance is only a mere illusion. Most of the time we are not truly experiencing these things but are made up. Not by ourselves but by the trickster in our head. He is a part of us but does not root for the same team – you know the one you and I are on.

He will do anything – and I mean anything – to create even more resistance and prevent us from doing the things we are supposed to do.

Change and improvement is something that scares him because he is afraid of the unknown. Therefore he wants to maintain equilibrium or homeostasis within us. It involves facing fear and is one of the scariest things in the world.

However these are no „rest days“ in the jungle nor the savannah. You either FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE AND MOVE or PERISH.

There are no days off the post from empowering ourselves because it is a constant process.

These are the most important moments of our lives.

We have the opportunity to rise above resistance and adversity and take things into our own control.

By doing the same things we are supposed to do without ANY desire whatsoever we are gaining double the amound of results.

Not only are we getting the necessary things done but also we are overcoming our inner resistance.

Once we have overcome it it becomes easier to do so the next time. The same principle applies to giving in to resistance. The best route to take is ofcourse the former.

It implies to thriving instead of copeing with reality.

I choose to do the thing anyway and thrive as a result instead of copeing with the fact that I feel like shit and do not want to do it.

Coping refers to us becoming lesser of a human being whilst thriving is something characteristic only to self-empowering.

How to do things with no motivation.


Here is a list of strategies to do the things we are supposed to do with no motivation and will help us to stick to our goals. They are listed in a linear matter and increase in severity.

  • Remind yourself the WHY? – Knowing the why is the most important thing when trying to achieve something. By keeping a clear visualisation in our mind of the reason it becomes easier to take the first steps towards overcoming our inner adversity. If motivation is not to be found then the reason for it is problably that there isn’t a big enough of a WHY. It is an opportunity to have a conversation with ourselves and come to terms with what we are trying to achieve. If the goal in of itself doesn’t get us out of the bed then we are problably barking under the wrong tree.
  • Start slow and steady. – Start moving your thoughts or body. Once you warmup the initial feeling of resistance will decrease in size eventually transitioning over to immersion and flow. By doing this we are slowly dragging momentum towards us. Sometimes it takes a lot of time whilst at others it is only necessary to initiate to get the pendulum swinging.
  • Resort to minor tasks. – As a last resort if there is no hope of making actual progress you should still not fall into the trap of your thoughts and giving up. If you see that progress cannot be made this day then do something that will have atleast some benefits to you. This means toning down the intensity of your actions. Do the little nitty-gritty operations that have more of a supportive function to the bigger tasks.
  • Hold yourself accountable. – Either make a deal with someone or a pact with yourself. The former is very effective while the latter is based more on trust. If other people are aware of your intentions you will do anything in the world to avoid the mockery of not achieving them.
  • Incorporate a reward (or a punishment). – Even if you have a big enough of a why to act it sometimes is hard because of the distance between you and the result. The journey is unimaginably long and it can be hard to bare with no rewards. Our brains are wired for instant gratification – meaning we want to take the easy way out and eat the cookie. What Brian Tracy taught us is that we need to eat the frog first. Because we want to move away from pain towards pleasure having a reward or a punishment at the end will surely make you put in more effort.
  • Just force yourself to do it. – The last and my favourite is to JUST DO IT. If we want to achieve anything then doing the things we are supposed to do ought to be done with or without motivation. It would be a nice thing to have but it is not what ultimately determines success. Having enough discipline to immerse ourselves even when we are feeling like shit is the real power to have.



Doing things without motivation is hard but it is possible. We are who we are because of the things we do and overcoming our inner resistance will determine our future.

Anyone could do things when they feel insipred or motivated. Only the people who can do the things they are supposed to do under any circumstances are the ones who will succeed.

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  1. This is such a powerful quote…………

    I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.

    Michael Jordan

  2. I needed to see this. I have been feeling this was since yesterday. Searching for motivation and not wanting to do anything. Thank you for this post it was needed and will help many like my self 🙂

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