How Meditation Helps Weight Loss (Meditation and Weight Loss)

Siim Land

Are you trying to get fit but can’t stick to your diet and exercise habits? Before you rush off to the gym for a workout, read this article on how meditation helps weight loss.

Meditation and Weight Loss

When you hear the word ’meditation’, then the first thing you might think about is some monk sitting under a boji tree, vibrating his chakras and saying OMMMM…

Although it has spiritual teachings, meditation itself is not a spiritual practice. In its core, it’s a mental technique with which you can control your mind.

There are many other health and psychological benefits to meditation but this article in particular talks about how meditation helps you lose weight and get fit.

#1 Greater Self-Awareness

The most profound effect of meditation is that you become more self-aware – you begin to notice who you are as a person and what do you do on a daily basis.

When in a meditative state, you’re allowing your intuition to give you feedback about your life – am I heading in the right direction with my goals, are those goals even the right ones and what do I need to do next.

#2 This Self-Awareness transitions over to Meta-Awareness.

Meta-awareness is about being aware that you’re aware – noticing how you think, why do you think that way and what’s the more objective point of view.

In the context of staying healthy and losing weight, you’re becoming more aware of how certain foods affect your mood, how you feel and what subsequent impact it has on the rest of your life.

If you’re more aware of what your body actually needs and in what amounts, then you can choose to eat the right foods and do the things you know you need to do.

#3 Detachment

At the same time, meta-awareness enables you to detach yourself from the stimuli you experience.

  • You won’t start craving doughnuts just because you passed the window of a cafeteria
  • You won’t get triggered into giving in just because you can smell the aroma of food
  • You won’t lose your self-discipline because you’re aware enough to do what’s right for you

The thing is that you shouldn’t trust the signals your body is giving you.

Emotions are nothing else but feedback mechanisms about the situation we’re in. They’re supposed to protect you from spending too much energy and to avoid uncertainty.

Your cravings for certain types of food are also groundless because they’re only stimulating the primal parts of your brain, not the neocortex that governs rational thinking.

Wanting to eat something sweet or to overeat any other food comes from your evolutionary pre-disposition and your genes’ desire to survive.

#4 Better Decisions

The problem is that in today’s world, we don’t need to hoard hundreds of thousands of calories in our belly fat because food surrounds us everywhere.

If we were to live somewhere dangerous where food is scarce, then, of course, you’d want to eat an entire animal because you wouldn’t know when your next meal is going to be.

Meditation helps you to make better decisions in any situation because of that same meta-awareness.

  • With no self-control and awareness, you’d just respond to every random signal – you’d be reactive to sights, smells and your own desires.
  • But with meditation, you learn to detach yourself from yourself – you can see yourself from an external perspective and then evaluate your behavior in the moment.

#5 Be More Proactive

Because of that, you can be more proactive – you can be the one who’s in control not being controlled.

You learn to see things in perspective and in a larger contextis this small bite worth it? Am I really craving for sweetness? Or am I simply bored?

#6 Overcome Desire

The Buddha said suffering is a part of life – suffering, which is caused by desire and ignorance. Craving for something and being ignorant of how to escape this vicious cycle of attachment.

It’s true – if you desire something, which in this case is the doughnut, then not getting it will cause you suffering. Unless you’re detached from the attachment.

That’s why going on weight loss diets never work. Of course, you can limit your caloric intake and you can burn more calories than you consume, but you’re still dependent of the good feeling you get after you reach your goal and eat a doughnut as a reward.

Why is it that some people can stay fit and healthy all the time without yo-yo-ing with their weight? It’s because their desire to be fit and healthy is greater than the desire to eat food. They put things into a greater perspective – health and vitality are fundamental for your life, but the short sugar rush lasts for only a minute.

#7 Satiety and Bliss

Meditation will also help you to be satisfied with less. Because you’re not attached to desire, you can find immense enjoy from this ability of being able to be satisfied with less – it’s like meta-satiety.

You recognize that you don’t need to be stimulated by processed carbs, a ton of caffeine, fat or salt. No food or any other form of stimulation is needed for your bliss.

This applies to everything else as well – you don’t need social media to keep you entertained, you don’t need to be busy to feel worthy, you don’t need to do anything else but be aware and you’ll immediately find peace of mind.

You can’t eat the entire food of the world, and you can’t out-exercise the calories of a bad diet. The much more rational and meta-aware thing to do would be to let go of the attachment you have for desiring these things.

Meditation Helps Weight Loss

Once you free yourself from the cravings, you can find true freedom

  • Freedom from feeling like you’re suffering when on a diet
  • Freedom from yo-yo-ing back to your original weight
  • Freedom from having to do hours and hours of cardio just to stay lean.

Truth is, you don’t need to exercise like a Crossfit athlete to have a six-pack or be healthy. Of course, you should still workout and strive for improving your performance, but it shouldn’t be your primary focus.

The foundation to making progress and growing in any area of your life is self-governance and awareness. Knowing who you are and then making the right decisions in your everyday moments.

Meditation will help you to lose weight and stay healthy, but these effects we’ve discussed here apply to everything else as well – your personal development, your relationships, your finance and happiness.

Learn to Take Control with Meditation

There’s nothing to be afraid of – it’s a mental technique – A Jedi Mind Trick with which you can control your mind.

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