Find Your Tribe: Why It’s Important to Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

Siim Land

Lets talk about tribes. Why it’s important to find your tribe and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

Everyone, including myself, talks about having to be independent and self-sufficient. I agree that the only person we should and can count on is ourselves. We are the ultimate creative forces of our own lives and the ones in control.

However, that’s also the point where a lot of people fall short because of not being able to follow through. They lack self-mastery that is, which makes them fall victim to their own misbehavior, doubt and limiting beliefs.

What’s more, we can only be a lone wolf for as long as we run out of energy. At some point, our personal growth will be limited by our own individual abilities. That’s where having a group of like-minded individuals comes into play. The Avengers are who they are because they work as a team and through that can focus on their own strengths.

Born To Find Your Tribe

Humans are social animals. We’ve been living in tribes for thousands of years and still continue to do so. It was never that individual hunter who discovered the most effective way of capturing game or an inventor who created the deadliest spear that developed us as a species. Maybe Prometheus was indeed that one guy who single-handedly stole fire from the gods. It was much rather the culmination of many ideas, best practices, and actions that enabled us to carry our evolution to where we are today.

Seth Godin in his book Tribes talks about this same narrative. In a world of over 7 billion people, there are still a lot of groups and subcultures dedicated to a small but dedicated audience. All you have to do is find them.

Your tribe consists of like-minded individuals to who you give massive value and from whom you can always derive support from. They are your rock who you can rely on and your joy, simultaneously.

One of the crucial components of the hero’s journey is making friends, meeting allies and creating a network of support that gives you more energy and maintains your ground when times get tough. The hero by himself will never reach his full potential alone because he sucks, he’s alone. He’s tired and scared, as are we all. By having other heroes besides him, other living legends like you and me, the hero can transcend his final limitations and really make something happen.

Warrior Tribes

The 6th habit of the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Steven Covey, is Synergize – teamwork, co-operation, support, and strength. Strength in unity.

This has been the most powerful factor of all warrior nations. Spartans, Romans, nomads, the Samurai and many more. In Ancient Greek military, the deadliest infantry unit was the phalanx – it looked like a hedgehog with spears pointing out, but it embodied a walking citadel of brotherhood. Every single man was quintessential for maintaining the integrity of the entire unit. The shield they wore wasn’t for protecting themselves but for covering the person next to you. This strategy was what allowed Alexander the Great to conquer the world. Their companion-hood was the glue that made them so ruthlessly effective and successful.

Find Your Tribe of Warriors and Action Takers
Find Your Tribe of Warriors and Action Takers

When you take a single arrow, you can easily break it in half without exerting any effort. You just snap it in half, just like that. But… if you take a whole bundle of arrows, like 10-15 of them, you won’t be able to do so. Attraction creates

Attraction creates concentration. Sharing a similar mindset leads to the convergence of same actions. (Click to Tweet)

Take Control of Your Environment

Our environment, especially our social milieu has a much greater impact on our lives than we realize. They say that you are the average of the 5 people you spend time with the most (Shocking, I know).  When you spend just a little time thinking about it then it’s quite true. Successful people have successful friends because they have the same values,

Successful people have successful friends because they have the same values, interests, and intentions. What’s more, they will begin to take the same actions – they will put in the work and hustle because that’s what everyone else around them is doing as well. And if your tribe consists of drug addicts and alcoholics then chances are you are one yourself. The people you surround yourself with will reflect your own personal growth.

It’s inspiring to see others work on achieving their full potential because it reminds us that we’re all capable of doing the same. But that is where most people stop – they only consume and watch the highlight reel of other people without ever doing anything about their own dreams. Mostly it has to do with fear – fear of being inadequate, fear of being laughed at by their current circle of friends, fear of losing those same loser friends.

For what? To still continue living that same sad story, which they themselves have created. I choose to write my own story – an EPIC Odyssey with challenges, exertion, action, but also joy, love, camaraderie and more fulfillment.

Join My Tribe of Action Takers

If you want to join me on this quest and walk your path to glory together with other heroes that lead an empowered life themselves, then join my Facebook group. It’s a tribe of action takes who provide massive value to others and the world. Get the Body Mind Agoge book.

I’ve also made a video about this on my tribal companion Philip’s YouTube channel, so check it out, but do subscribe to my own as well.

My Avengers, Stay Empowered!


  • Rag Mars


    Why in reality is it Counterproductive?

    We accept the Ethics of the religious beliefs of the Holiness of any group,
    that is even taboo to criticize and even to punish those, who dare to.

    The Natural Tribe Process is stable, as long as there is a Selection of WHO
    belongs to the Group and who not. The process of social structure and elimination.
    This sounds cruel to us and primitive and we condemn those as social enemies,
    like Snowden et al. who would be valuable contributors….

    The new Phenomenon seems to become, to realize, what Synergy is and what Antagonism
    is, what is constructive and what is destructive, toxic. Strangely, the
    pressure of enforced Tolerance drives us into the acceptance of destructive Behavior
    and toxic environments.

    The challenge is…

    To explore WHO we are and what is synergistic for us

    With whom and where can we be synergistic, constructive, productive.

    You cannot accidentally become productive anywhere with anybody. This is
    the Religion of Tolerance…