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What would be Your One Word – a single word that would sum up everything that is you? What is most characteristic to YOU? What do you stand for? What is your purpose? Your mantra of excellence and passion? Well, Evan Carmichael’s book titled Your One Word: The Powerful Secret to Creating a Business and Life That Matter,” will help you find the answers to all those questions. 

Meet Evan Carmichael

Evan Carmichael is an entrepreneur and social media marketer who built his first biotech software company at 19. At 22, he raised $ 500,000 to $ 15 million. Currently, he’s an icon of social media entrepreneurship – one of the leading flagships in the industry – by running and a YouTube channel with over 550,000 subscribers under the same name.

His entire entrepreneurial philosophy of life is based on Your One Word. Okay, what is this one word – one word to rule them all?

Evan Carmichael Your One Word Book Review
Evan Carmichael Your One Word Book Review

In a nutshell, Your One Word is the face of your business, the raison d’être, the core essence and purpose of it. It’s supposed to be the one thing that your customers think about when they think about your company. And it’s supposed to make them think about your company whenever they hear that particular word in any context. You and your business are Your One Word.

Evan’s own one word is #BELIEVE (Click Here to Tweet Him That) because he believes in entrepreneurs and that they can change the world for the better. He himself is a positive force already that inspires, guides and teaches others to do the same.

Your One Word Evan Carmichael Book Review

Alright, now let’s get into the book itself. Basically, you can already understand what the book is about by reading just the title – find your one word that characterizes you as a person, what you stand for, who you truly embody on a daily basis and what you want to accomplish. There is One Word that connects all the important things in your life and that gives you air to breathe.

The way this works is twofold:

  • Your One Word is your operating philosophy. It’s the thing you represent and through which you base all your decisions on. If your word is ‘JOY’ then everything you do and are revolves around it. You won’t be spreading the idea of ‘HATE’ because that’s not what you stand for unless it happens to be your one word.
  • Your One Word circles your tribe. It’s the representational cover of what you do and thus what people associate you with. Other people who follow a similar mantra will begin to follow you because of having the same values. Join my Facebook group to connect with your tribe.

This makes it so much easier because of clarity. If you’re already aware of what you stand for and are living it wholeheartedly then you won’t get distracted by every shiny object and will be more effective with your message and calling.

All great people have a One Word that will describe and define them. For Steve Jobs it was ‘Impact,’ for Martin Luther King ‘Equality,’ for Muhammed Ali ‘Greatest’ and for Alexander the Great ‘Conquest.’

The book is divided into 3 parts: (1) Core, (2) Campaign, (3) Company, but we won’t get into that here. Instead, I’m going to give you some of the more important concepts and ideas that will give you something to think about.

Lessons Learned from Your One Word

Here are my most profound insights I found to be most valuable from the book. Aside from all the invaluable business advice.

  • If you’re doing it for the money, it’s easy to quit. Most people do. But if you’re doing something because it makes you come alive, then removing the restrictions life throws at you clears the path.
  • When something is truly, deeply important to you, you find ways to make it happen, even when the #LittleMan tells you it’s not possible. The #LittleMan is resistance – your inner voice of self-doubt and the haters.
  • There are Four Limiting Beliefs that hold you where you are. They are: It’s too bold. What do you think? Someone else is doing it. It’s too simple. If you want to change your circumstances, you start by changing your beliefs.
  • Your One Word is not a New Year’s resolution. Your One Word is a constant. It has always been with you and always will remain.
  • Big decisions with your heart, small ones with your head—always.

How to Find Your One Word

Here’s a 9000-foot overview on how to find Your One Word.

There are Five Core Questions that help you identify your One Word:

  • What makes you happy?
  • What connects your happiness?
  • What trait do you hate?
  • What’s your constant?
  • Is this really who you are?

Find the common theme in the list of things that makes you happy, and write it down. You may have written down several words and still feel unsure. In that case, create a new list of the words between which you can’t decide and start thinking about your childhood and parents. What’s the one thing you remember most from growing up? How has that one thing molded you as a person?

The unique part isn’t the word, but your unique take on the word. Does it have to be a verb? Can it be a noun? An adjective? Any of them.

Just Do It

Another quintessential component to this is taking action and starting your journey. You can write down as many One Words as you’d like but they will still remain to be in their abstract form unless you start embodying it and manifesting it.

You have to live by Your One Word because it’s the essence of your entire being. It doesn’t even have to apply to starting a business or becoming an entrepreneur but simply means that YOU HAVE TO BEGIN with what you want to accomplish. You probably know already what your purpose is, but have been simply procrastinating on taking action.

Here’s an amazing example Evan used in his book:

“One of the most powerful ads Nike has ever created doesn’t feature Michael Jordan or LeBron James. It pictures a chubby kid huffing and puffing as he’s running down an open road. Nike’s ads usually feature great athletes—physical specimens at the peak of their careers who have already achieved extraordinary success. And here is this fat kid . . . running . . . and he’s great? Yes, because he took the first step.”

Your One Word Evan Carmichael Book Review Nike
Your One Word Evan Carmichael Book Review Nike

He started doing.

That’s one of the highlights of the book.

Here’s the thing: it’s way more important to do something right now than to do the perfect thing later. Because there is no perfect thing. And you likely won’t do anything later.

My One Word

You might be wondering, what MY One Word is? Well, if you’ve been following my social media and blog, then you can probably guess the gist of it already.


This word has been stuck with me for many years now, even before I read Evan’s book. In fact, the first book I myself ever wrote is called Becoming a Self-Empowered Being that talks about achieving self-mastery and living your calling.

But my word isn’t just SELF-EMPOWERED – it’s EMPOWERED because it involves more than my egotistic ‘self.’ It’s a way of being that includes living in the world at peak performance and empowering others to do the same. The idea is to bring positive change to the world by first emanating it yourself. You have inner abundance and can thus spread it outward as well.

I do highly recommend you read Evan’s book because it has a ton of amazing stories about entrepreneurs from different industries and niches who all have found their one word and thus changed the entire nature of their business.

Let me know in the comment section, what’s your ONE WORD?

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Keep Believing,
Stay Empowered!


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