Energy Vampires and Things That Drain Your Energy – Avoid These Huge Energy Leaks and Time Swamps

Siim Land

This article talks about different energy vampires, time swamps and things that drain your energy. 

Energy Vampires and Time Swamps

Vampires…they’re real. I’m not talking about the ones that suck you dry from blood, but the energy draining ones. They’re just like normal members of the society and surround us everywhere. One moment you’re friends and at another, they stick their teeth into your neck.

But these energy vampires aren’t only human – there are many other things, activities, habits, and situations that drain us of our valuable energy.

Take out your garlic cloves and wooden sticks – I’m going to give you 7 energy vampires or energy swamps that decrease your vitality and make you feel exhausted.

1. Negative People

Let’s start with some real dangerous vampires – negative people.

You definitely know or have known in the past someone who’s constantly complaining, feeling down, and moaning about how difficult everything is. “But it’s haaaaarrdd… I can’t do it.” 

Or if they’re pessimistic as well, then you’ve got a Tier II energy vampire on your hands.

You have to get rid of their negativity. I’m not saying cut them off immediately.

  • First, you tell them that their mindset sucks. There’s a big difference between naive positivity and optimism. Everything isn’t sunshine and rainbows but we can be optimistic about our ability to carry our suffering like a cross and in so doing transcend it. Optimism is always a better option, even if it’s based on fake motivation.
  • If the negative person around you still keeps sucking your energy, then don’t talk to them anymore because you don’t want them to have a bad influence on you.

2. Moving on with Procrastinators

They’re a real breed…

They don’t want to exert any effort, they’re lazy, they procrastinate on their responsibilities for as long as they can. Even then they make excuses as to why it’s still not the right time to act.

These type of vampires are particularly dangerous because they may try to give some of their incomplete tasks to YOU. “Hey, can you do that for me? It’s just a small thing and it won’t take long.” 

And BAM you spend hours cleaning up someone else’s shit.

Be wary of not falling victim to the REASON RESPECTING TENDENCY or the BECAUSE BIAS. 

If someone tries to make you do something, they better have an actual life or death reason for it. “Just because” or any other excuse doesn’t work.

Once you hear the word “because” your rational brain may shut off and go “oh…he has A reason, so it must be legit.” But in reality, they’re just sucking your energy.

3. Attached Partners

Speaking of getting sucked dry, the third type of energy vampires are Attached Partners. They’re your girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse.

The problem with them is that they’re just so needy. Because of their own insecurities, they lash onto you and crave your attention 24/7. “APPRECIATE ME! Give me your love and be my servant! Tell me how great I am.”

The danger with some energy vampires is that you’ll see their true colours only after a while. At first, they seem like ordinary people but once they get comfortable with you, they grow teeth and go rogue.

During my second year in college, I met a girl just like that. We got together and she was cool, but after a few weeks she turned vampiric: constant text messages about nothing, she wanted me to be with her all day. I had to be a white knight for her.

I value my time and energy extremely highly and I don’t make room for this type of shit. If the other person NEEDS me but I don’t need her, then choosing between them and my purpose is an easy decision.

No matter who you develop a relationship with, they shouldn’t be the primary focus of your life. You have to have your own greater purpose and a mission beyond other people and even beyond yourself.

4. Sugar and Carb Rich Meals

Processed carbs, sugars, and refined grains cause oxidative stress and free radical damage to the cells, leading to mitochondrial degeneration, accelerated aging and a whole range of other things that make you feel exhausted.

In addition to that, digesting carbohydrates releases serotonin in the gut, which is the hormone that causes relaxation and calmness. This stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system – the rest and digest mode – and this applies to all carbs.

Imagine if you eat a breakfast rich in carbs – like cereal, a whole grain bagel, fruit or something else sweet – you’ll definitely feel energized but at the same time you’ll crash and burn and feel extremely drowsy by noon.

If you want to improve your body’s energy stores, you have to increase mitochondrial density by doing intermittent fasting and eating a low carb ketogenic diet.

5. Sleeping In

Another thing that makes you slothful is sleeping in in the morning or during your naps.

I’m not talking about the mental battle you go through to get up but the physiological effect hitting the snooze has.

When we’re sleeping, our brain goes through several stages of various depth.

  • Non-Rapid Eye Movement (NREM) is when you gradually start to doze off into slumber and it lasts for up to 60 minutes.
  • Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is where the magic happens and one cycle takes 70-90 minutes.

If you wake up in the middle of a sleep cycle or get shocked by an alarm clock, then you’ll actually feel more tired than before. That’s why you want to time your sleeping as to fit your brain’s progressive sleep stages.

For cerebral health, you need 3-4 REM cycles over the course of 24 hours, which can be covered with either sleeping through the night once or following a polyphasic sleep schedule.

If you want to have a nap at daytime either:

  • Have a short 10-30 minute power nap
  • Or go for a longer 1,5 hour full REM cycle

6. Sitting / Slouching

Physical movement and exercise can give us a ton of energy. But it doesn’t matter how much you train if you still continue to sit most of the day.

Even after coming straight out of a workout, you can still doze off when put in a chair to listen to a boring Powerpoint presentation or a speech.

Getting a standing work station not only promotes healthy joints, avoids back pain but also stops your chair from draining you from energy.

7. Junk Light

Our endocrine system and physiology are directly affected by exposure to light. Hormones, the metabolism, and even your mood are linked to this.

Most buildings use artificial junk light that lacks many of the fluorescent frequencies our bodies and brain need. Most LED bulbs emit 5 times more blue light than we’re used to. This stresses the mitochondria, slows down ATP production and makes you feel burnt out.

You should spend as little time as possible under blue light or white LEDs. Halogen and incandescent lights aren’t perfect but they’re better.

Get as much natural sunlight exposure as possible throughout the day, especially first thing in the morning because it will start off your body’s natural circadian rhythm and endocrine system.

Slay Your Energy Vampires

Managing your energy starts with identifying your loopholes and recognizing when an energy vampire has grabbed a hold of you.

The best thing you can and should do with the people and things that are draining your energy is to cut them off.

Removing the downside opens you up for a potentially greater upside, but not the other way around. 

Meaning, you first have to get rid of the chains of bondage that are holding you strapped to the ground before you can fly.

That’s what we practice here at Body Mind Empowerment – optimizing our physiology, augmenting our mindset and enhancing life.

Stay Empowered