Discipline is Freedom – The Freedom to Live

Siim Land

When most people think about discipline, then they think about restriction, punishment and maintaining this self-confinement. But this is a HUGE misinterpretation about discipline. You see, discipline is freedom as opposed to bondage.

Discipline is Freedom

Discipline allows you to accomplish anything and bring your dreams into fruition. It’s the notion of having a higher purpose, pursuing it under any circumstance and thus living your calling.

Discipline gives you the freedom to live – to choose how you’re going to spend your waking life. It’s a choice everyone is capable to make, but only a few are willing to follow through, because there is indeed a lot of discomfort involved. There will be pain, fear, anxiety and exhaustion. You’ll want to quit so many times that eventually you’ll stop taking those voices of self-doubt in your head seriously. They become background noise.

Discipline is the freedom to live

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The Disciplined Mindset

But this can happen only if you have enough discipline. You see, discipline is both mental as it is physical. It takes discipline to maintain an enthusiastic mindset even in the belly of the whale. At your lowest point, in the darkest of caves, it takes discipline to keep the hope alive that some day you will see a ray of light again.

Remember this, those are the most important moments of your life. When you’re working hard on your purpose but are feeling exhausted and would much rather give in to temptation. If you’re giving in to immediate pleasure, then you’re settling for a lot less of what could be. It takes discipline to push off immediate gratification and go for the delayed return.

The Joy of Discipline

Discipline is also joy. You have the skill of doing whatever your heart desires because you have enough courage and willpower to go through hell and back again several times. Discipline is joy because you know that what you’re doing, even if push comes to shove, moves you closer to your dreams. The feeling of discomfort should be encouraging because it shows you’re heading in the right direction.

Discipline lays the foundation to living a fulfilling life. It’s the ability to do whatever our heart desires at any given moment. It’s a tool of action, a mental faculty and a skill of will that allows you to accomplish whatever you consider important. Even the smallest of dreams will remain as such, if you fail to harness at least some form of self-discipline.

Discipline is Purpose

Discipline is about having a greater purpose and staying true to the path. It may seem like stubbornness, which it to a certain extent is, but it’s that of the necessary kind. The look of discipline in someone else’s eyes shows pure focus and sheer willpower. They know what they want thanks to self-awareness and disciplined thoughts. What’s more important, they know they can get it because of disciplined actions. Discipline allows you to take mind over matter.

Discipline is one of the positive qualities of our nature. It gives you financial freedom, freedom from disease, freedom from afflictive thoughts, negative emotions, and your ego.

You might be thinking that you’re not disciplined or that it’s too difficult to become as such. The thing is that it takes discipline to do something only at the beginning. Changing habits, pushing through resistance, staying motivated and optimistic are all difficult at first. After a while the resistance you’ll encounter starts to decrease. You’ll get used to doing the hard stuff, having it tough and staying consistent. Discipline becomes who you are right now, as it’s already a part of the greater version of yourself.

With your purpose glittering in your eyes, inhabiting your thoughts and reflecting in your actions, you’ll accomplish anything you set your mind to. As you start using less force, you’ll become ever so powerful. Discipline is sheer force but it helps you to get access to power, which is the freedom to live.

Stay Disciplined

Whatever you want to accomplish in life, discipline will help you do so. Staying disciplined and sticking to your path can be difficult at times, but it’s well worth the effort.

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