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Siim Land

We all have dreamt about something that we, at that moment, didn’t have. Whether during sleep or simply letting our mind adrift, we’ve been in the situation where our thoughts have created another reality inside our head using our creative visualization. It’s completely different from the one we’re actually at and is shaped according to our own liking.

Childlike Curiosity

As a child I used to spend a lot of time using my imagination. It happened while fighting invisible monsters or seeing what my future would look like. Where those villains and events real? Definitely not as I didn’t actually manage to create any spatial visual imagery in front of me that others could see and touch.

My brother did the same right next to me and we never questioned each other when it was time to enter combat. Our perception of what we were doing and our creative visualization used might have been totally different but we were on a similar page.

We were just swinging our stick swords into thin air and slaying them despite their material presence. It was a playful game.

Exploring Imagination

But lets take a look at what we were actually doing. We were conjuring up mental pictures with the power of our mind. It was a game, but, nonetheless, in return, shifted our mode of being from where we were operating from.

For those short occurences I became a mythical hero as worthy as Hercules himself and my brother his sidekick with as much power, but slightly less because I was still the older one.

Our ordinary selves were cast aside and our behaviour changed because of our creative visualization. We were stronger, courageous and able to accomplish anything. It was the result of our subconscious mind perceiving everything we experienced as real.

As a by-product, it enabled access to our self-empowered beings and moulded superheros out of us. We transcended the boundary between our habitual way of seeing each other and picked up characteristics of our own liking.

Losing Our Abilities

Children rarely let their limiting beliefs hold them back. They just haven’t received as much negative conditioning as adults. Unfortunately, as they get older they tend to lose this ability. What’s wrong with that you might ask?

Well, if it weren’t for our imagination me and my brother would have never been able to alter our being and manifest our internal greatness to fight the monsters.

But would we be better off if we didn’t use our mental faculties to create enemies in the first place? Certainly, but this was just an introduction to give an example of what I’m actually going to talk about.

Our Inner Power

This is about much more than fighting made up monsters. It’s about using our creative visualization to our advantage and  altering the reality from which we operate.

By now we already know what it is – in essence, dreaming, fantacizing, thinking big, envisioning, using our imagination etc. It’s an incredibly vital part of becoming a self-empowered being.

Our subconscious mind can’t tell the difference between the real world and that what’s inside us. What we think about gets experienced as reality. It all comes down to how we choose to perceive our surroundings. What we focus on most grows. Our thoughts make up who we are as a person and what actions we will take as a result. This can either harm or benefit us immensely. Using this will enable us to dictate our internal conversations and how it will thus manifest itself externally.

The Secret to Unimaginable Results

It’s what has determined any extraordinary success. Every scientific and artistic achievement is the result of that. No one ever thought that humans could fly until some lunatic actually tried to use their creative visualization. At first he definitely failed but the seed became embedded within the psyche of our species. After centuries worth of trial and error it finally happened as the Wright brothers took flight.

What holds mankind back the most are its limiting beliefs. It’s almost like learned helplessness which puts an invisible collar around our neck. If there are no boundaries to be found then even the sky won’t keep us down. After the first plane we’re now on the brink of space travel. Thinking that something is impossible will immediately make us believe so. Creative visualization can set us free.

To avoid the feeling of regret people don’t want to ask themselves „what if.“ In the context of taking risks and living life to the fullest it’s a reasonable thing to do. However, it’s exactly the question we need to be asking ourselves to sprout our imagination and when using creative visualization.

If we would not think about what could be, then there won’t be any possibility of it becoming real either. Would anyone have ever thought a few centuries ago that we would live in a world we do now? Wireless communication through thin air, central heating, space travel etc. By now we’re beginning to mine asteroids for resources. What happens next will only be determined by our imagination.

Visualizing Yourself

Creative visualization not only promotes ingenuity in our work but also shapes our self-image. Who we are is mostly result of how we think, our habitual way of perceiving ourselves, all of which can be readily changed by our way of thinking and behaving.

Our character isn’t something that we’re born with nor is it set in stone. We’re influenced the most by our environment and how we navigate within it. It’s the result of the conditioning we’ve received. The good, the bad and the ugly. Change is a constant which can be instigated by a deliberate choice. It only takes a decision to get moving.

How to Get Started

There are some things to consider beforehand. Using creative visualization isn’t magic. It’s simply a way to send our subconscious mind certain signals which will then begin to take flight. This process will not give us what we want per se but, instead, make us move towards attaining them unconsciously.

The law of attraction cannot be instigated by flipping a switch. There needs to be intent behind our actions for it to take effect. If we don’t have a destination any direction will lead us there. We need a compass to guide us which is our imagination.

Creative visualization can be used anytime, anywhere. We simply need to reside into our mind and concentrate. Dreaming big isn’t wrong but the opposite is.

Going over the top with our imagination will enable us to remove our limitations and let our truest potential take over. It’s more exciting like that anyway. Who would want to, if given the possibility, to cope with mediocrity. Instead, aiming a lot higher and being ambitious is that much more appealing. To get the most benefits we should maintain our focus so that our subconscious mind would interpret it as real as possible.

The Key Components For Creative Visualization

  • Make sure you’re in a comfortable position. Do this while meditating or simply sitting down. Close your eyes. Do some short breathing exercises to become present and centered. Inhale deeply, pause, exhale even more so. Repeat for some time to increase concentration.
  • Warm up your imagination. Envision in your head something random, just for practice. Incorporate as much senses as possible. In addition to visualizations, use your kinesthetic, audible perceptions. Feel the warmth, hear the sounds, see the colors etc.
  • Begin to visualize. Now that we’re warmed up we can begin the actual process. Dream about the thing you’ve always wanted to accomplish in life. Don’t hold yourself back and go over the top. Nothing is impossible inside your head. Anything can be done by simply changing our thoughts. How would our future selves look and behave like in that situation? Unravel the events right in front of your eyes. Don’t forget to perceive and feel it as if it were real by adding in as much senses as possible.
  • Increase the intensity. The events are at full commence and happening inside your head. To make them more effective scale up your perception. Make the colors brighter, sounds louder, feelings stronger, touch more realistic etc. The more you do the greater effect will it have.
  • Incorporate affirmations. After a while our visualizations will become easier. The longer we spend inside our head the thinner the veil between our dreaming and reality gets, while the plot thickens. For a moment we forget that it’s only our imagination, for now at least. Once we arrive at that altered state of consciousness we can make certain adjustments to our psyche. This allows us to change our perception of self if we’d like to. If not, we should still take advantage of arriving at this point by strengthening the experience. Use positive affirmations to enhance the way you see yourself as and the dream you’re having. Tell yourself that it’s real and add in some nice compliments just for the sake of it. Why not be good to ourselves? It will inevitably have a positive impact.
  • Add in something recognizable. To take the realness of our creative visualization to the next level we need to bring in objects from the real world. What I mean by that is incorporating a thing into the picture which is a part of our current reality already. It can be anything starting from the clothes we wear, tools we use or a landmark of some sort. In my own dreams I always have a distinctive headband and a belt with me that I wear on a daily basis. By them being in the future event, that I’ve conjured, will benefit perceiving the present as if I’m already there. Additionally, imagining yourself in an environment which you can recognize at a moment’s notice will do the same trick. The thin layer between imagination and reality will begin to dissipate. The visualization will anchor the items or situations into our subconscious mind and when we’re not dreaming we will go through the same experience, every time.
  • Begin to notice things. No mental imagery cannot take material form in the physical world without actions taken to manifest it. In order to unconsciously move towards our dreams we need to consciously incorporate it into our mode of being. The recognizable objects and items can help us do so. Every time we see or use them they will reaffirm our beliefs and strengthen our imaginations. This, in return, will give rise to more opportunities to take action into our radar of awareness, which otherwise would happen less often. Every opportunity is a chance to move us closer. By taking action, getting some results is feedback that we can frame as making progress thus increasing the speed at which we’re moving forward.
  • Incorporate other mediums as well. Creative visualization does not have to only happen inside our head. To take the first step towards manifesting our dreams can be taken by giving our thoughts a physical outlet. What I mean by that is drawing, mind maps, vision boards and writing. If we put things down on paper it’s almost as if what is said is already a part of our conscious reality. Write down what or draw what your goals are. Use your imagination and allow the effects to become imprinted into your psyche. If we look at pictures or read some text we will be reminded of what we’re going after thus keeping us aware of our progress and help us moving forward. Don’t forget, going over the top with our creative visualization creates a foundation for greatness.
  • Additionally, it can be done while walking or any other type of exercise. Adding in movement will make the experience that much more greater. This way the senses will be a lot more easier to perceive. It gives the feeling of actually being in motion and heading forward. Our subconscious mind won’t have any other way but to actually think it’s real. Think for a second. If you’re on a treadmill and visualizing yourself running a marathon it will inevitable seem like that’s the actual case. The same principle applies to everything else.
  • Rinse and repeat as often as possible. See yourself in different and even more unimaginable situations. The more you do this the faster you’ll begin to move in the desired direction. Whenever you notice yourself in the present moment think to yourself of all the possibilities you have. For instance, see yourself already having accomplished the goal you’re currently working on. What would life look like? Who would be the people surrounding you? How would you behave? Asking as much questions as possible is important for our creativity to flourish. More often than not we don’t come up with ideas, unless someone asks us something that we didn’t think of before. Giving definitive answers will send the subconscious mind the correct signals.

How I’ve Used Creative Visualization

To give an example of where to start I’m going to share with you some of my own visualizations. When I was writing my book I was imagining already having written it. It was published and was hitting the bestseller lists, which it, for a brief moment, happened.

In my dream I was standing in front of many people, all clapping for me, holding my book in my hand, or at least my Kindle. There was a bright light shining down on my which would put me in the spotlight. As I raised my fist into the air they cheered thus empowering me and themselves. It definitely had an impact on all of us.

To turn it into reality I was also visualizing the actual writing process. Me, in front of my laptop, typing and putting my thoughts down. It made me move that much faster closer to my goal. Without doing so my imagery would have never manifested itself in my life.

This is but a meager and modest example of how I use my creative visualization on a daily basis. For instance, sometimes I’m seeing myself using the power of my thoughts to change the material world around me, while at others being on a spaceship. With the direction our civilization and my personal development are heading it won’t be too far out of our reach. Having visualized it I’m very certain it will turn into reality. The most abstract and over the top ones I’m going to keep to myself, for the time being.

These are the things we need to keep in mind when using our imagination. For our visualizations to be effective we need to perceive them as real as possible. This means incorporating all of our senses and affirming the correct things.

Our limiting beliefs ought to be completely neglected not only during these exercises but everywhere. They are only holding us down, keeping us attached to the collar that is preventing us from taking flight. To achieve our truest potential we need to cut the string.

So I encourage you to dream big and be creative.

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  1. The party where you said or subconscious can’t tell the difference between the real and the imaginary – that’s deep man. Really I think all kinds of strengths come from convincing ourselves of our world instead of the world convincing us of our selves

  2. I love this post! It’s very easy to get bogged down with negative thinking and not using your imagination thesedays and I think creative visualising is very important. A phrase I’ve just learnt is; ‘If you believe, then you are halfway there’. This always gives me a confidence boost and motivates me to visualise more.

    1. Thanks! It’s so true. I like to think of both negativity and positivity to have a time and place. It’s just that one is motivated to destroy while the other is for creation. We know which one we want to use for the majority of the time.

  3. hi there, thanks for liking my post! i really like this one. i think visualization is a powerful tool for focusing your intent and manifesting what you want in your life. and really opening your eyes and being observant is useful too 🙂

  4. As for some reason my computer won’t load the “like” button, here’s a word to let you know that this is spot on for creativity. I do a lot of creative writing so I find a lot of this relevant. Nice work!

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