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  • How to Adapt to Stress and Become Antifragile With Cold Thermogenesis, Ketosis and Fasting January 18, 2018
    There are 3 kind of things in the world Fragile things break under pressure and stress Resilient things resist the shock and stay the same Antifragile things adapt to the stressor and get better Our human body is incredibly adaptable to all kinds of stimuli both physical and mental. This ability is inherent to the […]
  • How to Stop Procrastinating and Overcome Resistance in 3 Steps January 15, 2018
    I can’t stop procrastinating…Why do I procrastinate???  Sounds familiar? Of course, it does. We’ve all experienced it…this impending feeling of Resistance and Procrastination You’re putting things off… Doing them tomorrow - some day… And you don’t take action. What’s worse, you can feel procrastination eating you alive. That’s how you know you’re procrastinating in the […]
  • Body Mind Dualism, Consciousness and Meditation January 8, 2018
    Could you imagine a feeling nothingness – just complete stillness and emptiness? You don’t feel anything particular that can be described as having an experience. You’re not sad, not happy, not resentful, not motivated or inspired. You’re simply there in the present moment with no thoughts running through your head, no future plans you’re going […]
  • 10 Valuable Things I’ve Learned This Year January 4, 2018
    They say the moment you stop learning you start dying. That’s why I think it’s incredibly important to remain as a life-long learner of life no matter what you’ve accomplished or who you are. 2017 was a blast and 2018 is looking to be even more awesome.I’ve learned a lot about myself and the world. […]
  • How the Modern Health Industry Has Lied to You About Cholesterol, Saturated Fat and Eating Healthy January 1, 2018
      Fat…Cholesterol…Eggs…Bacon…and now COCONUTS They’re delicious foods, but they’ll give you heart disease, right?Well…that’s what we’ve been told for decades now and turns out it has ALL BEEN A LIE In fact, it’s not even a lie, some would say that it’s been a deliberate manipulation and conspiracy done by the sugar industry. That’s the […]
  • Listen to This Before Setting Goals or New Year’s Resolutions December 30, 2017
    Another year, another milestone, another opportunity to reflect back on our growth and prepare for the next run for greatness. Realize This: It doesn’t matter what day of the year it is. You still have to show up to the greatest version of yourself day in and day out. To keep making quality decisions in […]
  • #17 How to Optimize Your Sleep and Circadian Rhythms with the OURA Ring December 25, 2017
    “Sleep is for the weak and wicked! I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Well…with that kind of a mentality you’re guaranteed to make it happen sooner than you think Of course, building business, being an entrepreneur and hustling hard requires you to put in the effort and more often than not you have to sacrifice some […]
  • How to Stay Empowered During the Holidays December 21, 2017
    It’s that time of the year again - the holidays - phenomenal.  And with that come a lot of dinner parties, celebrations, and feasting. Happy times! Merry Christmas! I love it… It’s the perfect opportunity to take advantage of a brief downtime to recollect yourself and reflect back on the year. This is the time of the year […]
  • #16 The Warrior Diet, Intermittent Fasting and Stress Adaptation with Ori Hofmekler December 17, 2017
    Life is a process of stress adaptation. Living organisms adapt to the conditions of their environment and those of natural selection. Being able to adapt to stress has been one of the main driving forces of our success as a species.We can eat a wide variety of foods, we can live in many different landscapes […]
  • #15 How to Make Quality Decisions ALWAYS December 13, 2017
    Decisions, Decisions…So many decisions to make, so little time to make them… Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment podcast. I’m your host Siim Land. Today I want to talk about making quality decisions because the quality of your decisions determine the results you’re going to get and how successful you’re going to be. The most […]
  • The Obstacle is the Way - Turn Your Trials Into Triumph (Body Mind Empowerment Short #2) December 12, 2017
    How are you dealing with the challenges and impediments of your life? Do you crumble after reaching the wall or will you climb over it, making your failures but mere stepping stones for your successes?   That’s the theme of Ryan Holiday’s book The Obstacle is the Way The Timeless Art of Turning Trials Into Triumph. […]
  • Discipline Is Freedom, the Freedom to Live (Body Mind Empowerment Short) December 11, 2017
    When most people think about discipline, then they think about restriction, punishment and maintaining this self-confinement.   But this is a HUGE misinterpretation about discipline. You see, discipline is freedom as opposed to bondage.   Discipline is the freedom to live     Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land. This is a short […]
  • #14 Ketosis and Exercise, Can You Eat Too Much Protein on Keto and More with Ryan Lowrey PhD c December 7, 2017
    To be honest, I think the ketogenic diet is showing to be the optimal human diet for health and performance. Because you have more energy, you burn more fat, you feel amazing and the science is backing it up as well What’s the latest research on the ketogenic diet? How can you use keto to […]
  • How to Reach Your Next Year’s Goals This Year Already December 3, 2017
    Have you been truly honest with yourself? Have you been consistent with your goals? Have you been giving it your best this year? Yes… It’s December - that time of the year - and it’s THE MOMENT OF TRUTH Of course, it’s a time of celebration and recuperation But it’s also a time for looking at your […]
  • #13 How to Lose Fat on Keto with Jason Wittrock the Keto King November 30, 2017
    Could you imagine eating 4000 calories while still losing weight? Sounds impossible… But that’s exactly what Jason Wittrock did on his 21 day 4k calorie challenge.  He was eating over 400 grams of fat and LOST 2 POUNDS! How is this possible? If weight loss is just calories in vs calories out then he should’ve become […]
  • How to Eat Carbs on Keto Without Losing Keto-Adaptation November 28, 2017
    You have to hear this SHOCKING NEWS…   Fat isn’t bad for your health   Most likely you already knew that   But the real kicker is that…   Carbs aren’t bad for your health either…   Don’t get me wrong – most people would benefit dramatically by lowering their carbohydrate intake And you WANT […]
  • Neuroplasticity of Motivation and Discipline November 27, 2017
    Are you motivated? Do you feel inspired? Is it needed for you to first watch a ton of motivational videos and quotes before you can take action? Social media and the modern world, in particular, are inducive of the “motivation guilt trip” Basically - feeling the need to be motivated and inspired in order to […]
  • How to Start the Ketogenic Diet November 25, 2017
    Want to learn how to start the ketogenic diet? Don’t know where to start? This episode will give you the basics of ketosis and eating keto. Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast with Siim Land. Today I wanted to talk about nutrition and ketosis in particular. In a nutshell - Ketosis is a metabolic […]
  • #12 Chaga Mushroom and Other Superfoods You Should Be Eating with Jaakko Halmetoja November 22, 2017
    Are you really eating nutritious food? In the urban environment of supermarkets and fast food restaurants, it’s very difficult to find something to eat that doesn’t have a ton of empty calories that doesn’t cause systemic inflammation brain fog or even lead to disease   Welcome to the Body Mind Empowerment Podcast, my name is […]
  • #11 How to Stay Disciplined and Consistent With Your Goals November 18, 2017
    Don’t know how to stay disciplined and consistent with your goals? No longer…listen to this podcast to win the psychological warfare of your mind and resistance.   “I know what I need to do…but why am I not doing it?” Like I said, you know what you need to do but you’re not doing it. […]