Become the HERO of Your Own Story

Siim Land

Life is like a book. There’s the beginning, numerous chapters, events, characters and the end. Whether or not its science-fiction, an adventure, or a novel depends on the author, who is us. At the same time we’re the protagonist as well. What I want you to do is become the hero of your own story.

An Autobiography

This concept is an incredibly important part of becoming a self-empowered being. What it means is that every day we’re writing our life. The activities we do are paragraphs of different events. The thoughts we have the narrative we create. It’s a process of making, shaping and becoming, as it will never really be complete and reaches the end only when the author stops writing.

The only downside to this is that we can’t really change the lines. We’re writing with – ink and what gets put down on the pages stays there permanently. It’s like the author is in a state of FLOW (how to enter) without having time to stop but has to constantly keep up with plot development. Thought travels faster than the motion of a pen and there’s no time for hesitation, only to write.

Knowing the end result is also vague. As any author can tell, the end will only reveal itself during the process and becomes clear only in the end. Even then, it’s hard to tell, whether or not it’s the actual end or not.

At the same time, it’s a diary or an autobiography, as all of the events are focused on the main character and what he does and write, that’s us. There are certain things that are only known to the protagonist and read by the author, who are the same person.

Being the author of your own life means writing the manuscript and sharing it with the world. It’s about becoming self-empowered by picking up the pen and dictating the course of the events according to our liking.

Being the hero of your own story means making the book into an EPIC saga and behaving in a way that can be characterized as such. We’re not only the most important character but also the one who develops in the process making it into a piece of art.

The Hero’s Journey

It’s not just about being a protagonist, as even a villain can be one. Instead, it’s being the HERO. The one who goes on adventures, accomplishes feats of strength and manifests his greatness by changing the world.

There is the concept of Joseph Campbell called a hero’s journey. Basically, it’s a mythical archetype which can be found universally in all of the cultures. It manifests itself differently in narration but the core essence remains in the story.

In the beginning there is a peaceful village or a tribe which then gets put under great danger. A flame breathing dragon or a source of great evil begins to terrorize the realm. A powerful artefact has to be retrieved from a cave on top of the highest mountain to banish the foe.

The people look for someone to save them but there’s no one brave enough to be found. The hero is a part of them and is afraid like everyone else. However, after the initial refusal, he is convinced by a mysterious spiritual being or a mentor to rise to the occasion. The hero does just that, he accepts the perilous quest and decides to save the village and his tribe.

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How the Story Goes

He begins his journey of personal growth and development of skills which would accomplish his task. It’s difficult and the hero reaches the point of failure many times. However, his purpose and desire to protect his loved ones gives him strength to carry on. This cultivates his mental toughness and teaches him to rise above his thoughts and emotions, which would try to keep him down.

Additionally, on the road he will come across mentors, the Wise Old Man, and helpers all providing him with knowledge about what to do. There are also internal demons, external tricksters and challenges the hero has to overcome. In the beginning he’s just a village boy. It’s during the journey the hero within him gets shaped.

Eventually, on the brink of collapse, he reaches the cave and retrieves the artifact. Now only the most difficult task remains which is slaying the dragon. Because of his greatness and power within he’s able to defeat the evil, even though it seemed impossible to do so.

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The realm has been saved and the hero can return home. He is now not any ordinary villager but a leader of his people. The wisest and strongest of all, he brought peace for today and hope for tomorrow.


Life as Art

What this archetype reveals is that people not only like epic stories but also glorify their own existence through that narrative. Why shouldn’t we do that? Why not live a life that looks like a chapter from an adventure book? Why settle for mediocrity when there’s the possibility to let our imagination flourish?

It’s about creating something exciting and amazing out of our being. In a sense, it’s an artistic manifestation of our greatness. Rather than boring, it can be anything we would like it to be. We can write our own book and choose what the hero is like.

It’s about waking up to the opportunities that surround us and making our existence meaningful. The purpose is to not follow the narrative of someone else but to do so with our own scenes. We can choose to make an epic journey out of our life. The possibility of greatness is available to all of us.

An Epic

If someone else were to read the manuscript then they would be hooked because of what the protagonist does and how the narrative goes along. It’s unpredictable and could keep you in your chair for hours.

At the same time, it doesn’t have to be a book, but can be a movie, a play or a video game, whatever we would like it to be. The same principle of being the creator and the hero of your own story applies. It’s like being the grand architect of something beautiful and full of incredible experiences.

This is the direction our species should be heading towards. Civilization has reached the point where most of the primary means of survival have been met. This leap in evolution grants us access to something bigger than ourselves. We can turn our being into creation. We can make a piece of art out of life. In it there’s room for magnificent experiences and highest expressions of our creativity. It’s a pursuit towards aesthetic ideals and virtue. This is what will transcend mankind. We are creators, we are gods.

From the Hero of Your Own Story to a SUPERHERO

Because our life is up for ourselves to create we are in control of what the protagonist is like. The character is not set in stone and we can become anything. Our deliberate decision determines who the hero is. We can CHOOSE who we are as a person, starting from how we look like, act and behave in different situations.

Becoming a self-empowered being entails not only making yourself the hero of your own story but transcending that boundary and turning into a superhero instead.

Someone who has achieved self-mastery has access to abilities that are foreign to most people. I’m not talking about breathing flames or flying beneath the clouds. Instead, self-mastery allows the hero to accomplish anything he sets his mind to. They have managed to take control of the two things that truly belong to ourselves, which are our thoughts and actions.

The Hero is a Master of Oneself

This makes the hero more conscious and allows him to rise above personal turmoil by taking control of their inner currents of ENERGY. As a result, this can be manifested into the external world to have an effect, thus enabling the person to create one’s own reality.

What ensues is not only a hero but a self-empowered version of that, the superhero. In addition to being successful on his journey he will become a legendary character able to change the world.

Any characteristic, trait, skill or ability is the result of proper training and conditioning which the hero can deliberately cultivate, adding onto his being of excellence and the appealing outlook of the story. It all starts with self-mastery.

Become the Hero of Your Own Story

By now we know the concepts and are eager to transform our life into an EPIC adventure and us into heroes. What I’m going to share with you now are some important principles and considerations to take into account. They will allow us to not only begin writing our own story but make it into a masterpiece and a work of art.

  • Get creative. When it comes to writing books, plays or movies the only thing holding us back are the limitations we set for ourself. In the realm of fantasy and imagination everything is possible. Our inner reality is independent of the external world, thus we can conjure up mental images and incredible scenarios in our head. We should do just that. What we think is possible is dependent upon our belief systems. By going over the top with our creativity we will achieve that much more. Small expectations lead to small results. Think big, and even beyond that. (Use creative visualization). Think about what your epic novel would look like. Don’t be strapped down by the clenching fist of realism and rationalism. In our head the impossible does not exist. Anything is achievable, we simply have to believe it and see it happen.
    • Create the hero. Like in a video game, we can choose how the character we’re going to play is going to be like. Our appearance is not entirely in our control but a lot of it is. But that’s not what defines the hero. It’s more about what he can DO, the actions he takes and thoughts he has. The skill set, character, traits and level of expertise are determined only by the amount of effort is put into the development of those things. This is up to our choosing. The most important things concerning our existence are in our control. A lot of it has to do with what kind of a relationship we have with ourself. (Have a conversation with yourself). If we see ourselves as manifestations of greatness we want to be then it will inevitably turn into reality. What we perceive to be true is just that, the truth.
    • Create the plot. Every story has a meaning, something that makes it worthwhile to talk about. There needs to be a journey that the hero goes on. This doesn’t necessarily have to mean battling the forces of evil. Instead, it’s about finding your calling and following it. This calling is what the hero works on constantly, something that transcends his mode of being, something that will turn him into a superhero. It’s the quest he takes up which then becomes the reason for his existence. Think about what do you want to accomplish and what is the purpose of your story. Then start living it.
    • Envision the plot development. One thing we need to realise is that even though it’s our book we can’t entirely dictate the course of its events. Like the writer in FLOW can’t see what the next page is going to be about, we can’t avoid completely what happens to us.
      • This means that we’re going to encounter negative situations, people etc. It’s okay, there’s nothing we can do about it. There are going to be obstacles on the journey which will have to be overcome. With no way around them, the hero has to face fear and summon courage from within. The best thing we can do is prepare for them in advance. (The art of overcoming negative events before they occur). (Turn a negative experience into a positive one). In fact, those things help the hero along the way, as they are opportunities to display his self-mastery and augment his skill set (Why you would want it to be tough). Without challenges the hero would never receive enough stimulus and conditioning which would turn him into a superhero.
      • Nevertheless, you can still predict the future up to a point where it can almost turn into reality. It’s not sorcery but the result of personal growth and development. If we put in the necessary effort into training ourselves as heroes then we will become great. We can achieve anything we set our mind to. Success begins with a decision and is reached through action. If we, as writers, see our protagonist in a specific future scenario then that’s the course the book will take. The hero will begin to follow the lines of the pen and head towards the right direction.
    • Make it interesting and exciting. No one likes to read a boring book. If the protagonist is mediocre then there’s nothing worth talking about. It’s the notion of a hero on an EPIC journey and quest that adds the necessary spice to it. What makes an amazing story is the plot, the characters and how it is written. That is all up for ourselves to be created. Who we are and what we do on a daily basis is what the chapters of the book are about. To have an epic creation we need to live accordingly. If it’s an action novel then behave like James Bond would in movies. An adventure novel would entail being like Indiana Jones etc. Do awesome things that will make your story and hero that much more greater.
    • Turn it into a work of art. Not only does it have to be exciting but beautiful at the same time. Everything about the hero is intentional, the decision to go on a journey, pick up the artefact, draw the sword and slay the dragon. Like the motions of the pen every action of the hero ought to be aesthetic. The challenges augment the hero and glorify the story. It symbolizes the everlasting turmoil of existence and overcoming of adversity. Additionally, it’s the act of creation and personal expansion. Even when the book isn’t about such journeys we should still manifest our creativity in everything we do. This will transcend the boundaries between form and the highest expressions of substance, bringing together all planes of reality. It’s art for the sake of art.

Surpass the Ego

Become the hero of your own story who is a part of a much bigger story. Having an incredible life is well worth it for us as individuals. However, becoming a self-empowered being is not about achieving selfish goals. First and foremost, it’s about taking control of our own reality, but that’s not the most important part.

The hero’s journey isn’t instigated because of a desire to slay dragons but because of the necessity to do so. The hero of your own story is someone who has taken up the responsibility to save and protect the realm. His personal growth is needed by other people. That’s what this is all about.

Becoming a superhero not for oneself but for others. Love and compassion are necessary for even the toughest of warriors. Us as individuals are a part of mankind in general. We make up a small part which might seem insignificant but as heroes we possess more power than others. One person can and will change the world, it’s what heroes do. (Why self-empowerment = transcendence of mankind).

There is No Afterword

Another thing to remember is that what is written cannot be erased. The movements of the pen never cease to be motionless. The writer is carrying on no matter what and what’s put down stays there. We can’t change the past but can only influence the future.

That is why it’s important to have the plot development envisioned in our head beforehand. With every passing page the book is getting closer to its end.

Time is constantly running down on us and every moment lost is something we’ll never get back. There is no room for regrets as we can only move forward. On your deathbed you want to look at your story and be proud, not think what could have been.

More importantly, there isn’t a place for an afterword either. The last chapter of our life concludes everything. What’s done is done. That’s why it’s important to not waste the currency of life and be the hero of your own story right now in this very moment.

Work on you dreams already, as the perfect time to act will never come, unless we go for it ourselves. Our story will continue to live on in the words and memories of others. What we will be remembered for gets put down on our epitaph and the myth of the hero.

The End

Become the hero of your own story. Create your own book of life and make it into an amazing piece of art. Everything is possible and we can create our own reality. The world in which we live can be shaped according to our liking. We simply need to rise to the occasion, heed the calling and turn ourselves into superheroes. It begins with a decision and a deliberate choice of dictating our own narrative of existence. There is nothing that can stop us, unless we let it happen. Write your own life.

I’ve also made a short video about this. Check it out!

I’m already on a hero’s journey and the superhero of my own story. This website is a manifestation of that. Also, I’ve written a book, which is the first of many dragons slayn. It follows the footsteps of these principles and is an interesting read.

The Body Mind Agoge is a discipline and a training modality of empowering your physical, mental and spiritual existence. It’s free. Get it to find your own hero’s journey and start living your calling. 

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Body Mind Agoge Cover
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