Hi, my name is Siim Land and I'm an author, holistic health practitioner and fitness expert. By education I'm an anthropologist but I'm also a philosopher, entrepreneur and a writer. 

That's me!
That's me!

Over the course of years I've managed to reach a level in my personal development where I felt like I needed to share my knowledge with the world. That was the creation of this website and the idea of body mind empowerment.

I'm in pursuit of reaching my truest potential and becoming the greatest version of myself. I've managed to improve upon every aspect of my life and I feel like I'm Superhuman.

I'm always trying to better myself and grow as a person. I love the idea of self actualization and that's what I intend to share, as well as practice myself. I've spent years of training my body and mind in different formats - through physical training, mindfulness creativity, at sniper school and by taking control of my own biology.

I believe that we should all be striving towards being our best at all times. That is also the purpose of my work. I dream of a world where we all can be stronger, smarter, more resilient, faster and happier. Body mind empowerment will enable us to do just that.

What is Body Mind Empowerment?

Body mind empowerment is an idea of holistic personal development.
It includes achieving high levels of existence
in terms of physical and mental performance as well as health.

Empowerment means giving ourselves the permission to be great.
We will be able to accomplish self-mastery
and thus
anything we set out to do.

Body mind empowerment doesn't mean only getting by or drifting through life.

It's not about attaining mediocre levels of existence either.
Instead, it's about reaching our truest potential
and pushing it even further.

We'll be taking a quantum leap in our own personal evolution and become Superhuman in body mind and spirit.


I'm not going to lie, I'm a total foodie. I love to eat and enjoy cooking. There's nothing better than having a healthy dinner with the family that tastes amazing.

Nutrition for me is more than eating. It's also fuel that gives me energy and makes me feel good. Being healthy starts with food but it doesn't end there. By following optimal nutrition we can take it to the next level. It can also become empowering.

When it comes to nutrition, then I consider myself to be an expert. I know what's healthy and what not. Most importantly, I'm able to approach it objectively. Also, I grow most of my own food as well, which is great.


Training is another means of body mind empowerment. It demands both physical as well as mental exertion from us and is one of the pillars to holistic health.

I consider myself to be more than fit. My way of training has allowed me to not only develop an amazing physique but also improve my cognition and other areas of my life. It's not about having muscles but instead overcoming resistance both internally and externally.

I've worked out for years now and possess a lot of knowledge about it. My belief is that we should all be strong, flexible, lean and enduring. The principles I follow include optimization, functionality and time-efficiency.

siim land about physique

Body Mastery

Empowerment starts with mastery. To transcend our limits we have to first take control of our physiology and biology.

7 Reasons to Follow

1.Useful knowledge on how to optimize your life. Starting from exercise, nutrition and ending with meditation and purposeful living. I cover all of those topics and everything in between.

2.Follow along my hero's journey and find a path to you own. Life is an adventure and a story we're all constantly writing. To begin we need tobecome the heroes of our own story.

3.Achive self-mastery. With the information I provide we can attain control over our own being. More importantly, over the two things that truly belong to ourselves - our thoughts and actions.


4.Become a self-empowered being. By doing this we can make our own terms with life and manifest our greatness. Facing fear gets easy and we will reach our truest potential.

5. Learn how to create your own reality. A master of oneself can shape their inner world according to their liking and how to manifest it into reality.

6. Become more conscious as a person. All of this is the result of raising our vibration and becoming more self-aware. We wake up from sleep so to say.

7. Live a meaningful life. Instead of drifting through existence you will get inspired and attain a purpose towards which to work on. You become a creator.


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